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The very best of world music

A selection of the best world music artists. From traditional folk to modern pop, music is an integral part of different cultures around the globe. As a result, exploring these culturally rich sounds can be quite a journey of uncovering the melodic beauties the world has to offer! With 'The very best of world music', we have compiled a compilation of handpicked, renowned musicians from all parts of the globe for you to listen and explore. Whether it's a captivating Tuvan Song from deep in Siberia, melancholic melodies from Croatia or sensory enriching beach tunes from Africa, each musical piece is selected boasting colorful virtuosity and cultural significance. Discover these works crafted by some of the most outstanding multi instrumentalists and composers the world knows today.
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Noir Désir - L'Homme Press
2-Meiko Kaji - Shura No Hana
3-Noir Désir - A L'Envers A L'Endroit
4-Ojos de Brujo - Naita
5-Ojos de Brujo - Rememorix