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Artist: Borialis Album: What You Thought You Heard

Year: 2004
Duration: 44:51

A Deep Dive into Borialis' Album: What You Thought You Heard

Borialis is a Canadian alternative rock band that's been active since the early 2000s. Their music is a harmonious blend of rock, pop, and hip hop that's sure to get you grooving. Their sophomore album, What You Thought You Heard, was released in 2008, and continues to be a fan favorite. In this critical review, we'll take a closer look at the album, its genre, best songs, and most innovative parts, as well as a critique of its overall impact.

The album's genre is interesting, to say the least. It's a melting pot of pop-punk, alternative rock, and hip hop. Borialis unapologetically takes inspiration from multiple genres, creating a unique sound that's hard to pin down. What You Thought You Heard starts with a bang with the track Don't Mean A Thing, which features the perfect blend of rap verses and heavy guitar riffs. Other standout tracks in the album include Peculiar People, Temptation, and Doublethink.

One of the most innovative parts of this album is Borialis' ability to blend different genres in a way that's seamless and refreshing. Their use of electronic and hip hop beats, along with catchy melodies and relatable lyrics, is what sets them apart from other alternative rock bands. The use of samples and scratches also adds to the overall vibe of the album, creating a sound that's distinctly Borialis.

The best songs in the album are definitely Don't Mean A Thing and Temptation. The former features an infectious chorus that'll get stuck in your head, while the latter has a catchy pop-punk melody that'll have you singing along. Doublethink is also worth noting, with its introspective lyrics and killer guitar solo. The weakest song in the album, however, would have to be Let You Down, which feels like filler material compared to the rest of the tracks.

While What You Thought You Heard is certainly a solid album, it's not without its flaws. One critique is that some of the tracks feel repetitive and lack some of the energy present in the stronger songs. Additionally, while Borialis' use of hip hop influences is innovative, at times it can feel like they're trying too hard to fit in with the trend instead of making something truly unique. The album can also feel disjointed at times, with the different genres and sounds not always blending as well as they could.

In conclusion, Borialis' What You Thought You Heard is a solid album that showcases the band's ability to blend different genres in a way that's refreshing and unique. Its best tracks are a testament to the band's talent and creativity, while its weaker moments show that there's room for improvement. Overall, this album is worth a listen for anyone interested in alternative rock and hip hop fusion.