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Artist: Biohazard Album: Kill or Be Killed

Year: 2003
Duration: 36:39

A of Biohazard's Album: Kill or Be Killed

Metal and hardcore punk music have always been able to stir up strong emotions, evoking feelings ranging from pure adrenaline to rage and frustration. In the early 1990s, New York-based band Biohazard perfectly embodied this raw energy in their music. Coming from the heart of Brooklyn, the band quickly became one of the pillars of the crossover genre, earning them a dedicated fan base. Today, we'll be taking a closer look at Biohazard's album Kill or Be Killed, released in 2003. We'll examine the album's themes, production, and delivery, as well as highlight some of the standout tracks.
Biohazard had already made waves in the industry with their earlier releases, including 1992's Urban Discipline and 1994's State of the World Address. However, Kill or Be Killed was a turning point for the band. The album showcases an aggressive and at times experimental approach that set it apart from the previous releases, while still maintaining Biohazard's classic sound. It was clear that Biohazard was pushing past their boundaries on this record, attempting to establish a more modern and evolved sonic identity.
One of the most notable features of Kill or Be Killed is the strong political themes which are present throughout the album. Songs like World on Fire and Never Forgive, Never Forget tackle topics like war and government corruption with a fierce and unapologetic approach. While some may find these messages heavy-handed, they certainly add an extra layer of depth to the album.
The production on Kill or Be Killed is another standout feature. The album was produced by renowned metal producer Scott Burns, who is credited with creating a wall of sound that perfectly balances each instrument and creates a cohesive experience. The sound is raw, heavy, and layered, a true testament to the band's musical prowess.
As for standout tracks, Dead to Me is an undoubted highlight, opening the album with a fast-paced and hard-hitting riff. Break It Away carries a strong message of perseverance and personal growth, while Wide Awake features an infectious chorus and dynamic rhythms. The album's closing track HFFK is one of Biohazard's most experimental pieces, incorporating industrial influences with a sea of discordant sounds and rhythms.
Upon closer inspection, Kill or Be Killed is a powerful record that showcases Biohazard's growing musical prowess. The band's unique approach to metal and punk crossover helped establish the band as one of the most influential acts of 90s and early 2000s metal scene. While some may argue that the album sounds dated, it's clear that it's a significant record that should hold a place of respect in the genre's history. Overall, this record deserves a listen for any fan of intense, in-your-face metal and hardcore.