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Artist: Delerium Album: Spiritual Archives

Year: 1991
Duration: 0:0-1

Delerium's Spiritual Archives: An Album Full of Haunting Beauty

For over three decades now, the Canadian music group, Delerium, has been making music that has broken barriers and genres. A pioneer in the Ambient, Electronic and New Age scene, Delerium has consistently created music that has brought the world to its feet. In their latest offering, Spiritual Archives, Delerium dares to push their boundaries even further. Today, we will delve deeper into the soundscape that Delerium has crafted on this album while exploring the best songs, most innovative parts, and offering our critical opinion on what the album presents.

Released in November 2021, Spiritual Archives is an album that explores what can only be described as an exalted and mystical experience. From the first track, Echoes in the Void, the album sets a haunting tone with a voice that gives listeners goosebumps. This is an album that is vibrant with energy, mixing in contemporary beats with contemporary world music. Flower Grow is a perfect example of this. It features enchanting string patterns and layers a vivid and pensive melody on top of them.

The album is not without its risks. The track Moonparticle may turn some soulful music lovers away; the voice is too jarring and psychedelic, and the beats too fast to be at peace. However, the album's title track Spiritual Archives is exquisite, with an unearthly chorus that soars high and caresses the soul. The music production on this track draws you in, and the chorus will keep you enraptured as the song evolves into a new space with piano chords and orchestral strings in tow.

Delerium's strength lies in the band's capacity to create music that speaks to the soul. Versus and Listening Tree are the tracks that stand out on the album with the exquisite, ethereal vocals of Gaurika Hzel adding to their mellow and dreamy feel. No Place for Us, on the other hand, is a haunting track that lingers in your heart for a long time with its combined electronic and orchestral soundscapes.

Delerium has undoubtedly struck magic again with Spiritual Archives. The album is full of engaging music that is entirely worth experiencing. It is one of those rare albums that blend different music styles and still feel cohesive and consistent within the ambient-electronic genre. There's no denying that Delerium has honed their craft with time, and it shows in every second of the album. At the end of it all, Spiritual Archives is a beautiful album that's sure to add value to the listener's music collection.