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Delerium is a Canadian electronic musical duo that formed in 1987, originally as a side project of the influential industrial music act Front Line Assembly. Delerium's music is filled with notes of vibrant guitar and refreshing synths that breathe life into their evocative vocals. With a career spanning over two decades, this artist has produced an iconic catalog of tunes that are beloved by fans the world over. Follow their journey through musical history and discover why legends from Kashmir to Cairo sing praises of them! Check out some of their classics, from the anthem Hearts on Fire to the calming Silent Cry, for a musical setting unlike any other. So if you're looking to add some thoughtful EDM beats to your life then bookmark Delerium and listen now!
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Silence 2k23
Silence (joeysuki Bootleg)
Heaven's Earth



Exploring the Mesmerizing World of Delerium

Whether you're a connoisseur of electronica bliss and downtempo rhythms or just looking for something soothing to relax your soul, Delerium is certainly worth a listen. You may recall their famous single Silence which features Sarah McLachlan on vocals leading us through an alternate realm between ethereal soundscapes and ambient noise! However, there's so much more than this one song can offer as they have numerous releases over the past three decades worth digging into. So strap in friends...we’ve come here today to provide both our criticisms (yeah yeah they missed the mark sometimes) as well as our heartfelt praises for Delerium’s impressive body of work!

In the world of electronic music, Delerium is a name that any connoisseur would be familiar with. With their unique blend of ethereal soundscapes, downtempo rhythms, and ambient noise, Delerium has been making music for over three decades. Their seminal single Silence, featuring Sarah McLachlan on vocals, is undoubtedly their most famous work, but there's much more to this band than meets the ear. In this blog, we will explore Delerium's impressive body of work, pointing out the misses and highlighting the hits, and finally, convince you to give them a listen if you haven't already.

Delerium's music is often classified as ambient, electronic, and downtempo, but their influences range from traditional instrumentation to Gregorian chants. Their discography is vast, but we recommend starting with their album Semantic Spaces if you're new to their music. This album marked Delerium's shift towards atmospheric textures, and the tracks are the perfect balance of ethereal and dreamy, making for an otherworldly listening experience.

While Semantic Spaces is one of their most successful albums, Delerium has had their missteps too. Their album Music Box Opera was received with mixed reviews and had a more commercial sound that didn't sit well with longtime fans. However, moments of brilliance can be found, such as in the track Days Turn into Nights, which has a somber tone with a surprisingly upbeat chorus. Overall, the album is worth a listen, but don't expect it to be their best work.

One of Delerium's strengths is their collaborations with singers and vocalists, most notably Sarah McLachlan. The aforementioned single Silence is a haunting piece that has stood the test of time. The track After All, featured in the album Chimera, includes the mesmerizing vocals of singer Jaël. The track builds slowly and deliberately, with its entrancing vocals and persistently rhythmic underpinning, making it one of Delerium’s standout tracks.

Another album that deserves mentioning is Karma. Karma is a great example of Delerium's knack for blending genres. The album applies a Middle-Eastern flavor in tracks like Enchanted and Journey Of The Angels while smoothly transitioning into more standard tracks like Twilight and Euphoria (Firefly), the latter of which features Jacqui Hunt's enchanting vocals. Karma will take you on a journey and showcase just how versatile Delerium can be in their approach.

Finally, Delerium's latest album, Music Box Opera, while a departure from their sound, still showcases Delerium's mastery in crafting atmospheres. The song Consciousness Of Love is a personal favorite, with its emotionally charged vocal performance from Zoë Johnston and a balance of electronic and classical instrumentation. The album's title track, Music Box Opera, features a pitch-shifted vocal that adds a haunting quality to the track, even if it's not entirely to everyone's tastes.

In conclusion, Delerium's music is otherworldly and incredibly versatile. From ambient soundscapes to Middle Eastern influences all the way to commercial electronic pop, Delerium has dabbled in everything. While not all their albums have the same quality, they've certainly impacted electronica and continue to create a magical listening experience. We encourage everyone to listen to their music and experience the otherworldliness of Delerium.
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1 - Silence (dj Tiesto Remix)
2 - Silence
3 - Twilight
4 - Innocente
5 - Enchanted
6 - Remembrance
7 - Euphoria (Firefly)
8 - Serenity
9 - Lamentation
10 - Forgotten Worlds
11 - After All
12 - Flowers Become Screens
13 - Duende
14 - Wisdom
15 - Tectonic Shift
16 - Eternal Odyssey
17 - Truly
18 - Apparition
19 - Incantation
20 - Temptation
21 - Daylight
22 - Myth
23 - A Poem For Byzantium
24 - Amongst The Ruins
25 - Aria
26 - Underwater
27 - Flatlands
28 - Run For It
29 - Sensorium
30 - 'til The End Of Time
31 - Window To Your Soul
32 - Fallen
33 - Silence (dj Tiësto's In Search Of Sunrise Remix)
34 - Metaphor
35 - Terra Firma
36 - Magic
37 - Stopwatch Hearts
38 - Resurrection
39 - Metamorphosis
40 - Consensual Worlds
41 - Just A Dream
42 - Returning
43 - Gateway
44 - Orbit Of Me
45 - Fallen Icons
46 - Heaven's Earth (matt Darey Remix)
47 - Love
48 - Forever After
49 - Heaven's Earth
50 - Silence (joeysuki Bootleg)
51 - Silence 2k23
2016: Mythologie
2003: Chimera
2000: Poem
1997: Karma
1994: Spheres
1994: Spheres II
1989: Morpheus