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The very best of cumbia

A selection of the best cumbia artists. Finding top-notch Cumbia music has never been easier thanks to ÔThe very best of CumbiaÕ compilation. This collection offers up a selection of some of the most remarkable voices and songs from the incredible genre. With multiple tracks from dozens of acclaimed established and emerging artists, this playlist is your one stop destination for discovering all the must have Cumbia tunes. From the marvellously soulful rhythms found in classic cuts to fiery tropical lines of modern day innovations, whichever corner you explore on 'The very best of Cumbia', you'll encounter an exquisite soundtrack alongside a journey of soundscapes to deep Peruvian roots sounds as well as forward Al prodigious musical mindind leading into big Mexican Norte–a celebrations.. Whether you're looking for blissfully danceable beats or hypnotising melodies to takes over your journeys, this inspiring collection presents some truly legendary Latin Americans greats, whose works really shines in its treasurable delight!
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Los Macuanos - Virgencita
2-Comanche - Everyman's Balance
3-Comanche - Street Trees
4-Chico Trujillo - El tren
5-Chico Trujillo - Mix Chilombiano