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Artist: Astral Projection Album: Ten

Year: 2004
Duration: 1:17:58

Taking a Journey with Astral Projection's Ten Album: A

As a music lover, I am always on the lookout for new sounds, unique beats, and captivating melodies. So when I came across Astral Projection's Ten album, I was intrigued. Astral Projection is an electronic music group from Israel that has been producing music since the 90s. Ten is their tenth album and, in my opinion, one of their best. In this post, I will provide a brief history of Astral Projection, an overview of the music genre of the album, highlight its best songs, discuss the most innovative parts, and offer a critic to the album.

A Brief History of Astral Projection

Astral Projection was formed in 1993 by Avi Nissim and Lior Perlmutter. Their music style is a fusion of trance and goa trance. The group has a strong following in the psytrance music scene, and their music is well recognized across the globe. The band members have also collaborated with other famous electronic music producers such as Infected Mushroom and Yahel.

Overview of the Music Genre of the Album

The Ten album is a blend of goa trance, Goa ambient, and psytrance, which creates a distinct sound different from their previous albums. The album includes ten tracks, with each song having its unique flavor and sound. The music production on the album is more refined, as the group incorporates new instruments, sounds, and effects, making it an enjoyable listening experience.

Best Songs of the Album

The album is packed with unique and innovative tracks that showcase the group's exceptional music production skills. The best songs that stand out include 'Let There Be Light,' 'One,' and 'Amen.' These songs are an excellent representation of the album's music style and quality production and have become staples in the psytrance music scene.

Most Innovative Parts

Most Innovative Parts

One of the most innovative aspects of this album is the use of vocals in most of the tracks. Unlike their previous albums, which were mainly instrumental, this album includes vocals, which adds a new dimension to the music and draws the listener deeper into the music. The group also experiments with unique mixing techniques, which creates a distinct sound that is unique to the album.

A Critic to the Album

Although the Ten album is an excellent addition to any psytrance music lover's collection, it can be perceived as repetitive to some. The album's style is somewhat limited, and some tracks tend to sound similar to each other, which can make the album less appealing to some. Additionally, some tracks could have been shorter, which would have made the album more balanced.
Overall, I recommend the Ten album by Astral Projection to any electronic music lover. Its unique sound and blend of genres make it an enjoyable listening experience that showcases the group's impeccable music production skills. Despite some repetitive tracks, the album's innovative mixing techniques and the use of vocals make it a standout in the psytrance music scene. Astral Projection remains a trailblazer in the electronic music world, and their Ten album solidifies their position as one of the best psytrance groups of all time.