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Artist: Alborosie Album: Sound the System

Year: 2013
Duration: 54:31

A of Alborosie's Sound the System Album

Reggae has always been a popular music genre. Originating from Jamaica, reggae has influenced music worldwide. One of the top reggae music artists of the modern era is Alborosie. Alborosie is known for his great reggae music and his unique style, which has made him a significant figure in the industry. His album, Sound the System, is an exceptional work of art that incorporates different elements of music. In this post, we will take a look at the background of Alborosie, the music genre of the album, the best songs of the album, the most innovative parts of the album, and a critic of the album.

Background of Alborosie

Alberto D'Ascola, famously known as Alborosie, was born on 4th July 1977 in Italy. He was passionate about music from an early age, and he moved to Jamaica in search of adventure and a chance to pursue his music career. Alborosie was lucky enough to work with several legendary musicians such as Gregory Isaacs and Sizzla. Alborosie is a multitalented artist and produces, sings and writes his music. Alborosie has been active in the music industry for over a decade and has developed a massive following from all over the world.

Music Genre of the Album

Sound the System is Alborosie's fourth studio album. The album is a mixture of unique styles such as reggae, ska, rock, and dub. The album showcases Alborosie's versatility in music production and his unique style. The album is a reflection of Alborosie's roots and his experience in the reggae and dancehall music scene.

Best Songs of the Album

The Sound the System album features several great tracks, but a few stand out the most. One of the best tracks is the song Poser. The song is a reflection of the current generation's poser culture, and how people pretend to be something they are not. Another excellent track is the song Rocky Road. The song has a positive message about persevering through difficult times. The third best track on the album is Play Fool (To Catch Wise). The song advises listeners to be careful of people who pretend to be their friends but are only there for personal gain.

Most Innovative Parts of the Album

Most Innovative Parts of the Album

The Sound the System album is innovative in many ways. Alborosie uses different styles of music to create a unique sound that is refreshing to the audience. The use of traditional instruments such as the guitar, keyboard, and percussion instruments adds to the authentic sound of the album. Alborosie also experiments with different sounds and voice modulation, which adds to the creativity of the album.

Critique of the Album

The Sound the System album is an excellent work of art, but it has a few flaws. Most of the tracks on the album are very heavy and can be overwhelming to listeners who are not used to the reggae genre. Additionally, some tracks on the album lack depth in terms of lyrics and sound. However, the flaws are minor, and the album is still an exceptional piece of work.
In conclusion, Alborosie's Sound the System album is a masterpiece. The album showcases Alborosie's talent and creativity in music production. The album incorporates different styles of music and is a reflection of Alborosie's roots and experience in the reggae and dancehall music scene. Though the album has a few flaws, it is still an exceptional work of art that is worth listening to. So, if you're a music lover, be sure to add Sound the System to your playlist.