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Artist: Burning Spear Album: Living Dub, Volume 3

Year: 1996
Duration: 0:0-1

A Critical Review of Living Dub, Volume 3 by Burning Spear

Burning Spear is a Jamaican roots reggae artist known for his powerful lyrics and message of unity and justice. His music and style have earned him a following all over the world, and his album Living Dub, Volume 3 is a testament to his creative genius. In this critical review, we'll take a closer look at the album, its genre, and some of the standout songs.

Burning Spear has been active since the late 1960s, and he is considered one of the most influential reggae artists of all time. His sound is distinctive, with a strong bassline and a message that speaks to the experiences of the working class and marginalized communities. Living Dub, Volume 3 is one of his later albums, released in 1983. It's a dub album, which means that it's a remix of previously released tracks with an emphasis on the instrumental parts.

The album starts with Lion Dub, a track with an upbeat rhythm and soulful horns. It's a classic Burning Spear song, with lyrics about the strength of the lion and the power of community. Other standout tracks include Swing Low, Loving Dub, and Jah Say Dub. The album also features some innovative sound effects, like the spacey echo on Blackman Kingdom Dub, which adds to the otherworldly vibe of the track.

One of the most significant things about Living Dub, Volume 3 is how it captures the essence of Burning Spear's message. Unlike other dub albums, where the emphasis is on the music and not the lyrics, this album maintains the integrity of the original songs while adding new layers of sound. It's a testament to Burning Spear's creative vision and the importance of his message.

With that said, there are some issues with the album as well. The tracklist isn't very varied, and some of the songs can feel repetitive after a while. The production quality isn't always consistent, and there are moments where the sound can feel muddy or overproduced. However, these are minor issues in the grand scheme of things. Living Dub, Volume 3 is still a fantastic album and worth a listen for any fans of reggae or dub music.

In conclusion, Burning Spear's Living Dub, Volume 3 is a remarkable album that captures the soul of reggae music. While it's not perfect, the album stands out for its innovative soundscapes, powerful lyrics, and compelling message. It's a testament to Burning Spear's creative genius and his importance in the reggae community. If you're a fan of reggae or just looking for some new music to add to your collection, then Living Dub, Volume 3 is definitely worth checking out.