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Trap Music

A selection of the best trap music artists. Have you ever found yourself entranced by the steady, hypnotic beat of what is known as Trap Music? Its 808 drums and fragmented loops laid against hazy melodies come together to make a sound wave that's both eclectic and hard hitting. Whether its origin lies in the drum sets and trance of crunk hustles or spawned from the remnants of trap houses littered throughout major urban hubs, Trap Music has been commanding global attention since its meteoric rise a little over a decade ago. When listening, itÕs common to feel obsessive cringes pulled at each turn Ð digging like madmen through relics too raw for words but rich with sampled cuts, synths, horns and throbbing bass lines that form unpredictable patterns. If youÕve held off joining the craze so far, dive into the genres filtered vocals and warm atmospheres this trendy vibe still resonates. A playlist with the best trap music songs