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Artist: Barrington Levy Album: Original Ragga Muffin Part One

Year: 2002
Duration: 51:43

A of Barrington Levy's Original Ragga Muffin Part One Album

Barrington Levy, the Jamaican born artist, is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of the reggae-dancehall genre. His music career dates back to the late 70s, where he became the youngest artist to ever record at Studio One with his hit song, Collie Weed. Barrington's groundbreaking style and sound paved the way for many popular reggae artists today. In this post, we will be reviewing one of his most iconic albums, 'Original Ragga Muffin Part One'. We will be taking a deep dive into the genre of the album, the best songs from the album, and its most innovative parts.
The 'Original Ragga Muffin Part One' album was released in 1984 and contains 10 tracks of classic reggae-dancehall music. The album perfectly blends reggae with the new emerging genre of dancehall, creating a unique sound that would later make its way to mainstream music. The tracks on the album are typically based on themes of love, peace, and political awareness, which were common subject matters for reggae-dancehall music of its time.
One of the standout tracks on the album is Under Mi Sensi. This tune features slow, heavy bass lines and uplifting lyrics, highlighting Jamaican culture and the popular in-house music scene. Other notable tracks on the album include Black Roses, which speaks to the political and economic struggles faced by Jamaicans, and Love the Life You Live, a song filled with positive vibes and messages of self-love and happiness.
The album is not without its innovative moments. The way in which Barrington's unique voice intertwined with the traditional reggae-dancehall beats was innovative and groundbreaking. Additionally, while some of the instrumentals on the album were standard, the use of synthesizers and other electronic sound effects infused elements of new wave and electronic dance music into the album's sound.
While the album might not be familiar to many people, it is definitely a must-listen for all reggae-dancehall fans. Its mix of classic and new sounds forms a unique sound that can be seen as a precursor to present-day dancehall music. However, one critique of the album is the lack of variety in some of the tracks' instrumentals. While the mix of reggae-dancehall with electronic sound effects was a unique feature, some tracks tended to sound similar through each individual song.
All in all, 'Original Ragga Muffin Part One' is an iconic album that captures the essence of reggae-dancehall music of the early 80s. Barrington Levy's unique sound and collaborations with other prominent artists on the album, including the Roots Radics Band, make it a timeless classic. While it is not perfect, the various elements that set it apart from other reggae-dancehall records make it well worth listening to for a real musical treat. So if you're a fan of Barrington Levy or just love reggae-dancehall, this album is definitely worth a spin.