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Professor Green

Stephen Paul Manderson (born 27 November 1983), better known by his stage name Professor Green, is an English rapper and singer-songwriter.
The Musical Journey of Professor Green: A Close Look at his Best Songs, Genre, and Critic
If you're into British rap music, there's a fat chance you've come across the name Professor Green. He's a unique rapper with a story to tell- his music doesn't only entertain you but also leaves you inspired, encouraged, and motivated. Born Stephen Paul Manderson, Professor Green has come a long way to establish his name in the music scene. From selling mixtapes to signing major record deals, he has made a niche for himself in the industry. This blog will unveil the musical journey of Professor Green, his best songs, music genre, famous concerts, and a critic.
Professor Green's music style is a mix of different genres- Hip Hop, Grime, and Rap. His early beginning in freestyle rap battles inevitably shaped his musical direction. His debut album 'Alive Till I'm Dead' released in 2010 featuring songs like 'I Need You Tonight,' 'Monster,' and 'Just Be Good to Green' brought him into the limelight. His tracks often showcase his story of struggles and eventual success. One of his most iconic songs is 'Read All About it,' a collaboration with Emeli Sandé. The song hit number 1 in the UK chart, addressing issues such as social and mental health struggles. His heartfelt lyrics have gained him a massive fan following, particularly among the younger generation.
In 2011, Professor Green performed at T4 On The Beach and the 2011 Glastonbury Festival, where he performed his top-charting songs amid massive crowds. His poignant storytelling, combined with a captivating stage performance, won him much acclaim. Professor Green's live performance is a sight to behold. His dynamic energy and interactive sessions with the crowd create an unforgettable experience for the audience.
Moreover, Professor Green's music has received widespread critical acclaim over the years. His latest album 'M.O.T.H' released in 2020 has been applauded for its emotional depth and beautiful lyrics. His music has shown time and again the perfect balance between raw emotions and subtle delivery that makes his music connect with people from all walks of life. His signature style has been compared to legendary rappers like Eminem and Jay-Z, and he has been regarded as an icon of British rap music.
Best songs, best albums, and biggest hits - Professor Green has produced some truly immersive music in his career of over a decade, and it's admittedly hard to list his best songs. Apart from his most popular numbers like 'Read All About It' and 'Lullaby,' some hidden gems like 'Avalon,' 'Nightmares,' and 'Forever Falling are worth exploring. Every song showcases the essence of what makes Professor Green unique as an artist.
Professor Green's journey as a music artist has been nothing short of incredible. From his early days selling mixtapes on the street to selling out arenas, his story is an inspiration to many. He's managed to create a genre of his own, delivering stories of his own life struggles with honesty and emotion. His music connects with people, and that's why he's regarded as one of the most influential artists in the UK rap scene. His music has grown over the years, and with his latest album, he has proved that he's still at the top of his game. Professor Green is a name that will always be remembered with respect and admiration in the music world.



The Musical Journey of Professor Green: From Humble Beginnings to Chart-Topping Hits

Professor Green, or Stephen Paul Manderson as he is known to his family and friends, is a British rapper, singer-songwriter, and television personality. Born in East London in 1983, Professor Green's musical journey began in his teenage years when he turned to rap as a way to express his thoughts and emotions. Over the years, he has released several successful albums and collaborated with some of the biggest names in music, cementing his place in the UK music scene. In this article, we will take a look at the musical biography of Professor Green, from his humble beginnings to his chart-topping hits and everything in between.

Professor Green began his musical journey at the young age of 14, when he discovered rap as a medium to express his emotions. He grew up listening to a variety of musical influences, including The Beatles, Nirvana, and Bob Marley, but it was the poetic lyrics of Nas and Wu-Tang Clan that drew him towards rap. He started writing his own rhymes and performed in local gigs in his hometown of Hackney.

In 2006, he released his first mixtape, titled Lecture#1, which was followed by his debut album The Green EP (2008). The album received critical acclaim and helped him secure a record deal with the Virgin Records label. His second album, Alive Till I'm Dead, released in 2010, was a commercial success and featured several chart-topping hits, including I Need You Tonight and Just Be Good to Green.

Professor Green's most famous album to date is At Your Inconvenience (2011), which debuted at number three on the UK Albums Chart and featured collaborations with top artists such as Ed Sheeran and Emeli Sandé. The album showcased the rapper's poignant lyrics and unflinching honesty in tackling real-life issues such as domestic violence and loss of loved ones.

Among Professor Green's most famous songs are Read All About It, a powerful collaboration with Emeli Sandé that became his first number-one hit in the UK, and Lullaby, a catchy and emotional duet with Tori Kelly. Impressively, he's had a total of nine top 40 singles on the UK Singles Chart, solidifying his place as an important figure in British music.

The musical style of Professor Green is a unique blend of hip-hop, grime, and pop music, with influences ranging from old-school rap to punk rock. His songwriting draws inspiration from his personal experiences, often touching on topics such as depression, addiction, and social inequality. He is known for his clever wordplay, witty humor, and his willingness to tackle difficult subjects in his music.

Professor Green's musical journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and hard work. From his early beginnings as a teenage rapper in East London to his current status as a chart-topping artist, he has consistently pushed the boundaries of music with his innovative and honest approach. His success has not only brought him fame and fortune but has also given him a platform to raise awareness about important social issues. Whether you're a fan of hip-hop or pop music, there's no denying the impact that Professor Green has had on the British music scene, and his legacy will continue to inspire future generations of musicians and fans.
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Professor Green: The Good and the Bad of UK Rap

Professor Green is a true force in the UK music scene. With an impressive amount of records sold, multiple awards, and collaborations with some of today’s most respected artists, Professor Green has certainly come a long way since his 2007 debut. But while there is much to be praised about Professor Green’s accomplishments, he also receives quite a bit of criticism for his lyrics and style — particularly from those who don't understand or appreciate the extremities that make up his unique soundscape. In this blog post we will take a look at both sides: the good and bad - dissecting what makes him successful as well as why some find fault with certain aspects of his music. So if you're curious to know more about one of Britain's most prominent figures in rap and hip-hop culture, read on!

When we think of UK rap, one name that immediately comes to mind is Professor Green. He's a musician who has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. His unique style and sound have earned him an impressive array of awards, while his collaborations with some of the most respected artists in the industry have earned him widespread recognition. However, with his success comes criticism. Many believe that his lyrics and style are too extreme and not suitable for everyone. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at Professor Green's rise to fame, examining what makes his music successful--but also diving into the criticisms levied at his craft.

To understand the good and the bad about Professor Green's music, we have to first look at his rise to fame. Before pursuing music full time, Professor Green lived a difficult and often dangerous life in Hackney, East London. Growing up in public housing complexes, the future musician experienced violence and turmoil as a young man. These experiences would later shape his music. He began to perform at local bars and nightclubs, earning him small but dedicated followings. It wasn't long before he was discovered and signed to a major record label, leading to the release of his debut album Alive Til I'm Dead in 2010, which went on to achieve commercial success and critical acclaim.

The reason behind Professor Green's success is clear: his ability to connect with his audience is unparalleled. His music is raw, honest, and relatable. He raps about real-life struggles, providing a voice for the disadvantaged and those who feel marginalized. It's a rare combination of artistry and this sense of connection that sets him apart. His talent has earned him critical acclaim and an impressive amount of awards, including the 2011 MTV Europe Music Award for Best UK & Ireland Act.

However, with success of course comes criticism. There are many who believe that Professor Green's lyrics and style are too extreme. Some feel that his music is too narrow in scope, while others argue that his language is vulgar. Critics have accused him of glorifying violence and drug abuse. However, Professor Green would argue that his music provides a voice for an oftentimes overlooked and marginalized group of people. He understands the people he writes about, and uses his platform to shed light on issues that are important to them.

Despite the criticisms, Professor Green's success cannot be denied. From his humble beginnings in East London, he has gone on to achieve great things in the music industry. His music provides a voice to those who are so often overlooked in society, while his talent and artistry have earned him widespread respect and recognition. Ultimately, it's up to each individual listener to decide whether or not they connect with his often extreme content. However, there's no denying that it's impossible to ignore the impact of one of the most prominent figures in UK rap and hip-hop culture.

In conclusion, Professor Green's music is a profoundly powerful combination of artistry and connection. He emerged from a challenging background to become one of the most respected and lauded musicians in the UK rap and hip-hop scene. While some may criticize his style, it's clear that Professor Green speaks to an audience who can relate to his raw and honest lyrics. In an industry where authenticity is often hard to come by, Professor Green stays true to his roots while providing a voice for those who feel marginalized. His music will perhaps always be somewhat divisive, but it cannot be denied that he has made a significant impact on the British music scene.
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1 - Are You Getting Enough
2 - Lullaby
3 - Monster
4 - I Need Church
5 - Not Your Man
6 - Before I Die
7 - Goodnight
8 - Freestyle
9 - Just Be Good To Green
10 - I Need You Tonight
11 - At Your Inconvenience
12 - Never Be A Right Time
13 - Jungle (feat. Maverick Sabre)
14 - Read All About It (feat. Emeli Sandé)
15 - Remedy (feat. Ruth Anne)
16 - Read All About It
17 - Avalon (feat. Sierra Kusterbeck)
18 - D.p.m.o.
19 - City Of Gold
20 - Stereotypical Man
21 - Do For You
22 - Falling Down
23 - Astronaut
24 - How Many Moons
25 - Jungle
26 - Monster (camo & Krooked Remix)
27 - Doll
28 - Today I Cried
29 - Into The Ground
30 - Jungle (feat. Maverick Sabre) [high Rankin Remix]
31 - Upper Clapton Dance
32 - Remedy