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Post hardcore

Speed and precision, alternating with slow and violent moments, all connected with a voice that passes from melodic to screaming, from the bowels of youthful rebellion. Music has the power to take us anywhere from a tropical paradise to the coldest winter snow. Post Hardcore is one genre of music that injects intense energy and emotion into every single note. The throbbing riffs, pounding drums, screamed lyrics provide a listening experience that reaches deep into your soul. If you're in the mood for something more than just a few easy listens, then turn on some Post Hardcore and bathe in it's unique sound. As soon as you get comfortable with the chaos, bonus harmonies and unexpected cadences will pop up inviting you to stick around and unravel them until they finally make complete sense! Post hardcore is a 1980s punk rock music genre inspired by post punk and noise. It has fast tempos, heavy bass lines and loud volume.