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Andrea Sertori


Pianist composer of electronic instrumental music. Lover of synthesizers, currently keyboardist in a rock band but also engaged in different projects. In 2017 I published Mosaic Room, EP of 5 instrumental tracks where the piano is the protagonist but it is accompanied by synths and electronic sounds. In December 2018 was released the single Pachelbel's Canon Synth Mode, a reinterpretation of the famous Baroque opera, while in January 2019 the first work of the new year with the single Puddle Ring. Both singles are accompanied by an official YouTube video.
Learning about the Musical Journey of Andrea Sertori
When it comes to music, we all have our favorite artists that we turn to for inspiration, relaxation, or pure entertainment. One such artist you can count on for quality music is Andrea Sertori. A talented, young musician, Andrea has been playing music since he was a teenager and has now gained significant popularity in the music industry. In this article, we will take a deep dive into Andrea’s biography, discover his music genre, explore some of his best songs, and examine the criticisms given about his work.
Andrea Sertori was born in Italy in 1985 and began studying music at the age of 14. He took his keyboard skills seriously and joined his first band, which performed rock and blues music. In 2011, he made his solo debut by releasing his first project called The last train. This debut showcased his skills in songwriting and production, which excited his fans. Andrea has since released several more albums, and his career is growing positively.
Musical Genre
Most of Andrea's music is inspired by rock and blues music. These influences are evident in his songs, which are characterized by a unique mix of multiple genres with a classic rock touch. His music typically features guitar riffs, driving beats, and intense lyrics.
Best Songs
Andrea Sertori has released many songs over the years, and selection which one is his best can be quite tricky. However, there are some which stand out and have earned him lots of accolades. Some of them are:
1. All of Roses
2. The Killer Whale
3. The Black Sugar
4. Landscapes
5. Glowing Sun
5. Glowing Sun
Famous concerts
In 2019, Andrea held a solo concert at the Fillmore in Miami, Florida, where he performed live to an enthusiastic audience. During the concert, fans sang along to his lyrics, and the atmosphere was electrically charged. Andrea's live concerts are always full of positivity and energy, with excellent visual and audio production.
While Andrea's music has been generally well-received since his solo debut, some critics have argued that his music style is too derivative of the classic rock sounds. Despite this, others assert that his music still has a lot to offer, and he should be widely appreciated.
Andrea Sertori is undoubtedly a talented musician whose music has gained significant popularity. Anyone looking for a unique mix of blues, rock, and pop, with a classic touch, will find his music refreshing and captivating. As Andrea continues to grow and evolve, we look forward to what he has in store for his fans.
1 - Puddle Ring
2 - Pachelbel's Canon Synth Mode
3 - Drops and Sun
4 - Broken Toy
5 - Claw Machine
6 - Direction Of Thought