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Exploring the Musical Journey of Kali Malone, A Modern Artistic Genius
There are just a few musicians who possess a unique talent that takes over their audience, charm them, and touch their soul with their music. Kali Malone stands tall amongst these musical geniuses. Born in Colorado, Kali has made a name for herself in the contemporary music scene, thanks to her extraordinary talent, passion, and dedication towards music. Her music cuts across multiple genres and is executed with exceptional skill and finesse. In this blog, we will explore the life and music of Kali Malone, her top songs, music genres, and famous concerts.
Kali Malone has come a long way in her musical journey. She started playing the viola when she was just 3 years old. She later shifted her focus to the church organ, which she has described as a very touchy instrument. Kali's interest in the organ led her to study music composition, which she did very well in Stockholm, Sweden. Since 2012, she has been based in Berlin, Germany, where she works as a composer, musician, and producer. She is known for her experimental approach to music, where she infuses various genres like classical, ambient, drone, and modern classical to create a unique style of music that is hard to ignore.
Kali Malone's music is inspired by different themes that range from the structure of sound to atmospheric and metaphysical qualities of sound. Her top songs include Litanic Cloth Wrung, Sacred Dreams, Bondage to Formula, and The Sacrificial Code. Each song tells a different story, and the way she plays with the notes and the rhythm in each song is a delight to the ears. Her music is best enjoyed in an acoustic setting, where the richness of each note can be appreciated.
Kali Malone's music genre is hard to classify as she infuses multiple genres to create her style. However, she is known for her contributions to the modern classical and ambient genres. Her music has been praised for its atmospheric qualities, where listeners can connect with their emotions and thoughts. Kali has been recognized for her music with accolades like the first prize at Soundtrack Cologne for her score of the fictional Noir thriller, Jakob, and the prestigious Swedish subsidised composition grant.
Kali Malone has performed in various famous concerts throughout the world. Her concerts are special, as she takes the time to connect with her audience through her music. She has played in the Boiler Room x Genelec ADE Edition, The Quietus, Elevate Festival, and many others. Her performances have been praised for being immersive, where the audience can connect with her music on a deeper level. Her concerts are an example of pure artistry, and she leaves a lasting impression on her audience.
Kali Malone is a modern artistic genius, who has made her mark in the music industry with her unique style. Her music is a testament to her dedication, passion, and hard work towards her craft. Her top songs, music genres, and concerts are just a glimpse of what she has to offer. Kali Malone's music is something that everyone should experience, and she has undoubtedly made an impact with her art that will be remembered for years to come.
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2024-09-05 h: 19:30
St Martin in the Fields
London, UK

Latest news about Kali Malone

Come explore the latest from Colorado-born, Stockholm based composer Kali Malone - an artist we first shared our love for back in 2019! This week saw her new release "Does Spring Hide Its Joy" with dynamic contributions by guitar maestro Stephen O'Malley and cellist Lucy Railton. Put your feet up and dive into this unique soundscape of emotion today!
1 - Sacrificial Code I
2 - Sacer Profanare
3 - Rose Wreath Crown (for Cw)
4 - Living Torch I
5 - Litanic Cloth Wrung
6 - Bondage To Formula
7 - Hagakyrka Bells
8 - Fifth Worship Ii
9 - Sacrificial Code Ii
10 - Living Torch Ii
11 - Prelude
12 - Cast Of Mind
13 - Glory Canon Iii
14 - Arched In Hysteria
15 - Empty The Belief
16 - Sacrificial Code
17 - Locus Of Repetition
18 - Fifth Worship
19 - Sacrificial Code (live In Hagakyrka)
20 - Velocity Of Sleep
21 - Prelude (live In Hagakyrka)
22 - In Light Of Marwa
23 - 1113
24 - Black Gate I
25 - Black Gate Ii
26 - Black Gate Iii


2024-09-05 h: 19:30
St Martin in the Fields
London, UK
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2024-09-06 h: 19:30
St Martin in the Fields
London, UK
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2024-10-10 h: 20:00
Basilica Santa Maria dei Servi
Bologna, Italy
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2024-10-31 h: 18:00
Turin, Italy
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