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Thrash metal

The aggressiveness of the palm mute and the fast and powerful rhythm of the guitar. A violent sound accompanied by percussion that seems like machine guns. The horrors of society, death, mutilation and nightmares, themes that our culture constantly vomits. With roots firmly planted in the 1980's, thrash metal has steadily remained one of the most beloved heavy metal genres cherished by a devoted fan base. Characterized by its blistering double bass drum beats and standard medium to fast tempos, thrash metal songs often retain their upbeat pulse while conveying hard hitting words and sentiments. Guitars fly recklessly through each verse with viscous solos roaring gracefully in between. These high octane bellowings call to mind a headbanging parade of sound from track to track with nary a soft spot found within its growling footprints. A playlist with the best thrash metal songs