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The very best of garage house

A selection of the best garage house artists. Immersed in the electrifying sounds of 4/4 beats? How about some of the absolute finest garage house? Dive deep into new discoveries of artists sure to heat up your music repertoire. The very best of garage house has been assembled for you, laying on the foundation of distinct rhythms and patters that invigorate your soul. Open up yourself to vibrant melodies leading up to a swirl climactic expulsion. Experience a journey across genres, composed with love right at your very fingertips. A selection of only the greatest in modern garage house awaits, ready and refined to reward you with all that it has to offer.

The Very Best of Garage House Music: A Journey Through Its History, Genre, Songs, and Artists
Do you love music that's soulful, danceable, and uplifting? One genre that perfectly captures all those elements is garage house. Though a niche genre, this style of music has been around for decades, with its roots stretching back to the early '80s. Garage house is characterized by its combination of classic soulful house beats, melodic basslines, and gospel-inspired vocals.
If you're new to this genre or just looking for some fresh recommendations, you're in the right place. In this article, we'll take a deep dive into the history of garage house, explore its defining elements and best songs, and introduce you to some of the genre's most exciting artists. Get ready to discover some electrifying tunes!
Garage house has its origins in the underground clubs of Chicago, where DJ Frankie Knuckles would mix disco and soul tracks to create a new sound. As the genre evolved, it became associated with New York City's vibrant club scene, where DJs like Larry Levan would add their own flair to the mix. The term garage comes from the fact that many early garage house tracks were produced in home studios or small garages.
Garage house is often distinguished from other forms of house music by its use of live instrumentation, such as keyboard riffs and guitar licks. The genre also features a heavy emphasis on vocals, with many tracks incorporating gospel-inspired lyrics and call-and-response hooks. Garage house tends to have a slower tempo than other forms of house, with a focus on groove and soulful melodies.
Some of the most iconic garage house tracks include Finally by CeCe Peniston, Promised Land by Joe Smooth, and Can You Feel It? by Mr. Fingers. These tracks showcase the genre's signature sound, with soaring vocals, infectious basslines, and melancholic keys. Other classic garage house tunes include Tears by Robert Owens and Brighter Days by Cajmere feat. Dajae.
When it comes to contemporary garage house artists, there are a few names that stand out. UK-based producer and DJ Todd Edwards is often credited with helping to popularize garage house in the '90s, with his signature chopped-up vocal samples and upbeat rhythms. Another notable producer is Kerri Chandler, who has been a prominent figure in house music since the '90s and continues to release acclaimed tracks today.
One newer artist to keep an eye on is Detroit-born producer and vocalist Amp Fiddler. His 2019 album Motor City Booty features a mix of funk, soul, and garage house influences, with standout tracks like Steppin' and The Return of the Emerald City. Another up-and-coming artist is London-based DJ Mella Dee, whose high-energy mixes incorporate elements of garage house, techno, and acid house.
Garage house may not be as well-known as other forms of electronic music, but its soulful beats and uplifting melodies have stood the test of time. Whether you're a longtime fan or a newcomer to the genre, there's always more to discover in the world of garage house. From classic tracks to new releases, there's no shortage of electrifying music to explore. So turn up the volume, let the bassline guide you, and get ready to dance!