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Turkish Music

Turkish Music is expansive and full of complexity. It ranges from rural Anatolian folk tunes to modern, soulful fusion compositions. Decades of cultural exchanges have caused Turkish Music to become its own unique genre that stands out among world music. From the haunting voices of female vocalists to rapidly plucked strings on classical instruments like the tanbur or oud, luxurious brocades of sound make up a rich tapestry that evokes soundsite unseen and experiences yet realized. Every part of Turkey holds something special when it comes to musicÑdespite thousands of years removed, Turkey's influence can still be heard reverberating across the world today. Passport in handÉ experience the streets come alive as traditional melodies resonate and heralding in untold delights! A playist with the best turkish music songs. The beauty of Turkish Music comes from its vastness and complexityÑfrom Anatolian folk tunes dating back centuries, to modern, soulful fusion compositions.