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On the tunes of acid jazz

Relax and take a nice little trip on acid notes and sharp turns of electro jazz. This is the new era of the Jazz with future loops and original beats. Jamiroquay, Guru, Liquid Soul, and others will help you to enjoy the evening and to forget the daily routine....Ps. Order me a nice cocktail! The beat reverberated through the speakers and livened up the atmosphere, its energizing synthesis of funk and soul inspiring people to sway and smile. It was the perfect sound to accompany this perfectly summery evening in the city Ñ acid jazz that washed reminiscent notes over everyoneÕs ears. Instruments honked and brassy lines danced with intimate drums, as melodies soared and tickled an ever augmenting crowd. Isolated on a big stage, musicians maneuvered craftily between drives in electronic keyboards: a modern task that was somehow ancient but satisfying for both artists and fans alike. On the tunes of acid jazz, life flourished like multiple simultaneous births. A playlist dedicated to a acid jazz trip. Ideal for persons who want to relax and take it easy with Jamiroquay, Guru, Liquid Solid and others.
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-St. Germain - So Flute
2-Goldbug - Whole Lotta Love
3-Mark Farina - Deep House Or Acid Jazz
4-Heavy Shift - Obey The Rules Of The Night
5-Nu-jazz - Quantic Transatlantic