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New Years Day

New Years Day is an American rock band formed in Anaheim, California, in 2005. After building a reputation strictly through promotion on the social networking website MySpace, the band released its debut self-titled EP in 2006 and their first full-length album My Dear in 2007.
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The Musical Journey of New Years Day: From the Beginning to their Iconic Albums and Songs

If you're into punk or alternative rock, chances are you've heard of New Years Day. The band has been around for over a decade, and they've made quite an impact on the music scene. They've released several albums and singles that have become fan favorites, but have you ever wondered about the story behind the band? In this article, we'll take a journey through the musical biography of New Years Day—from their beginnings to their most famous albums and songs.

New Years Day has been around since 2005 and began in Anaheim, California. The founder, Ashley Costello, started as a solo artist but quickly expanded with the addition of some key members. The band's first album, My Dear, was released in 2007 and, though it was successful, it wasn't until their second album, Victim to Villain, that they really started to make waves.

The band's musical style is a mix of punk, alternative rock, and metal influences, which gives them a sound that's unique yet familiar. They're known for their high-energy performances and engaging vocals by Ashley Costello. Their music often tackles darker themes, such as struggles with mental health and relationships.

Victim to Villain, released in 2013, was a turning point for New Years Day. It was their first album to crack the top 200 on the Billboard charts and showcased their growth as a band. Some fan favorites from this album include Angel Eyes, Do Your Worst, and Any Last Words.

Their follow-up album, Malevolence, released in 2015, featured a heavier sound and cemented their place in the alternative rock and metal scenes. They also released a cover of Gangsta's Paradise, which showcased their ability to put their own spin on a classic song.

One of the band's most popular songs is Defame Me from their 2018 album Unbreakable. The song addresses the stress and pressure of being in the public eye and staying true to one's self. Another fan favorite from this album is Come For Me, which is an anthemic track about resilience and strength.

In 2020, New Years Day released Skeletons. This album showcases a more experimental sound while still staying true to the band's roots. Lead single Shut Up features a punchy chorus and catchy guitar riffs that have made it a fan favorite.

Influences for New Years Day include bands like AFI, My Chemical Romance, and Evanescence. They've also been influenced by goth culture and horror movies, which is evident in some of their music videos and album artwork.

New Years Day has come a long way since their humble beginnings in Anaheim. Their unique sound, high-energy performances, and engaging lyrics have made them a fan favorite in the alternative rock and metal scenes. From Victim to Villain to Skeletons, they've released albums that showcase their growth as a band while still staying true to their roots. With their passion for music and loyal fan base, it's clear that New Years Day is here to stay.
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1 - I Was Right
2 - Kill Or Be Killed
3 - Sunrise Sunset
4 - Part Time Lover
5 - Brilliant Lies
6 - My Sweet Unvalentine
7 - Razor
8 - Temecula Sunrise
9 - Saying Goodbye
10 - Defame Me
11 - Do Your Worst
12 - Gangsta
13 - Death Of The Party
14 - Murder
15 - The Arsonist
16 - Tombstone
17 - Resurrection
18 - Malevolence
19 - Two In The Chest, One In The Head
20 - Other Side
21 - Alone
22 - The Joker
23 - Left Inside
24 - Scream
25 - So Long
26 - Anthem Of The Unwanted
27 - Epidemic
28 - Skeletons
29 - Shut Up
30 - Come For Me
31 - Suffer
32 - Save Myself From Me
33 - Let's Get Dead
34 - Don't Speak
35 - Last Great Love Story
36 - Relentless
37 - Victims
38 - Any Last Words?
39 - Hello Darkness
40 - Bloody Mary
41 - I'm About To Break You
42 - I'm No Good
43 - You'll Only Make It Worse
44 - Angel Eyes
45 - Angel Eyes (feat. Chris Motionless)
46 - Ready Aim Misfire
47 - Ready, Aim, Misfire
48 - My Dear
49 - Hurts Like Hell
2007: My Dear


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