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The very best of dembow

A selection of the best dembow artists. If dembow is your thing, then you donÕt want to miss out on our selection of the best of the best out there in terms of artists. From legends such as Benny Benni and El Nene la Amenaza to current phenomena Rez B, El Ni–o Pluto, Liro Shaq and other VIP's of the Latin Urban style, this is an amazing selection put together by masters of the flow explosion itself. These great artists lead a new generation which maintains an evolution in music while also saving stylistic roots. Take a dive within their work and explore a world of booming basslines fulled with hip hop rhythms!
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-El Shick - Tirame el Liquido
2-El Shick - Humo Humo (feat. Jacool)
3-El Shick - Dale Que Te Dio
4-El Alfa - Jalao
5-El Alfa - Coje Memoria