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Prophets Of Rage: The Unstoppable Revolutionaries in the Music Scene
Prophets of Rage is an American Rock group that has made a significant impact in the music industry with their intense and socially conscious lyrics. The band is made up of some of the greatest musicians from other legendary Rock bands like Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy, and Cypress Hill. These artists are known for combining a unique blend of rap, hardcore punk, and heavy metal to create a new genre called Rap-Rock. In this blog, we'll shed light on the background and musical biography of Prophets of Rage, some of their best songs, the music genre they create, their most famous concerts, and more.
The story began in 2016 when a presidential election was dividing America. A supergroup of musicians hit the scene determined to voice their opinion and create music that spoke to socio-political issues. Prophets Of Rage's core members are RATM's Tom Morello, Brad Wilk, and Tim Commerford, and Public Enemy's Chuck D and B-Real from Cypress Hill. Together, they set to work on a mission to capture their audience with their fusion of old-school hip-hop, punk, hard rock, and fresh beats with a deep-rooted message of unrest and uprising.
The delicious blend of older classics and the brand newgroovy hit is what gives their music both an edge and a message. As a band, Prophets of Rage has a defiant and uncompromising spirit that's evident in their powerful and soulful music. Their unique style has won them accolades from critics, attracted a devoted fan base, and led to a range of collaborative gigs with artists like Dave Grohl of Nirvana and the Foo Fighters.
One of their best songs is Living on the 110 that highlights dire social problems such as poverty, homelessness, hunger that will leave an impact. The lyrics create visuals of life on the edge of the US' 110 highway illustrate Prophets of Rage's worldviews and their concerns. Another notable song is Unf--k The World, which is a passionately written anthem that invigorates listeners to expand their knowledge and arm themselves with the tools and information they need to fight against the power-elite. The song has caused quite a stir in the critics' realm, and for obvious reasons.
The band's genre is heavily influenced by rock, hip-hop, punk, and heavy metal. That's why it's hard to pinpoint them into one category, but their music is often referred to as Rap-Rock. Their singles and albums speak volumes about standing up for the oppressed and have in some way touched on the pressing issues we're faced with as a global community.
In terms of concerts, the band is known for delivering electrifying performances, with some of their most famous concerts including the one in 2018 in France, at the mighty Hellfest, where they shared the stage with some of the biggest names in music.
Critics have often applauded the band's high energy and passion, but there has been the odd critique that the band's music doesn't make as much of an impact as RATM did. In general, though, their fans love their music, and they constantly sell out their live shows.
Prophets of Rage is a musical force that can't be ignored. They've established that their music can create change. Their songs and performances are loaded with contagious energy, and their hard-hitting political messages are as relevant now as ever. Prophets of Rage remains a creative powerhouse whose music will remain a vital part of the music industry for years to come. With their crop of thrilling songs and top-grade musicianship, they will always be remembered as one of the most revolutionary bands in the history of music.
1 - Like A Stone (ft. Serj Tankian)
2 - Concrete Pillow
3 - Unfuck The World
4 - Legalize Me
5 - Prophets Of Rage
6 - Shut Em Down
7 - Pop Goes The Weapon
8 - Made With Hate
9 - Smashit
10 - Who Owns Who
11 - Fired A Shot
12 - Hands Up
13 - Heart Afire
14 - Take Me Higher
15 - The Counteroffensive
16 - Strength In Numbers
17 - Hail To The Chief
18 - Radical Eyes
19 - The Party’s Over
20 - Living On The 110