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Twin Atlantic

Twin Atlantic are a Scottish alternative rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. The group currently consists of Sam McTrusty (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and Ross McNae (bass). Lead guitarist Barry McKenna departed from the band in 2019, but continues to perform with the band at their live shows.
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The Musical Journey of Twin Atlantic: From Humble Beginnings to Chart-Topping Success

Do you ever listen to a band and wonder about their musical journey? How did they start and what inspired them to create their unique sound? Well, if you're curious about the musical evolution of Twin Atlantic, you're in luck. From their earliest beginnings to their most recent triumphant releases, this Scottish band has carved out a place in the music world with their distinctive sound. If you're a music lover looking for an inspiring story that's packed full of great tunes, then read on.

Twin Atlantic was formed in 2007 by two college friends from Glasgow, Scotland, Sam McTrusty (vocals/guitar) and Ross McNae (bass), who were later joined by Craig Kneale on drums and Barry McKenna on guitar. Their early efforts were focused on playing live shows, and they quickly built a devoted fanbase thanks to their energetic performances and tight musicianship. Their early EPs A Guidance from Colour and Vivarium helped them to gain a foothold in the Scottish music scene, and they were soon playing bigger gigs across the UK, including performances at major festivals like T in the Park and Reading/Leeds.

In 2011, Twin Atlantic released their debut album, Free. This album was widely praised by critics and fans alike for its perfect blend of catchy hooks and emotionally charged lyrics. Perhaps the most famous song from Free is Heart and Soul, which features an anthemic chorus that's impossible not to sing along with. Since then, Twin Atlantic has released several more albums, including Great Divide (2014) and Power (2019), all of which showcase their signature sound and impressive songwriting chops.

So, what is this signature sound that Twin Atlantic has become so well-known for? Well, it combines elements of punk, rock, and indie into a joyful and energetic mix that is both instantly recognizable and endlessly engaging. The band cites a range of influences from The Clash and Nirvana to The Smiths and Depeche Mode, and you can hear traces of all these artists in their music. But despite this diverse range of musical inspirations, Twin Atlantic has found a way to create something entirely new and original that speaks directly to their audience.

One of the most important things about Twin Atlantic is the passion and sincerity that they bring to their music. Whether they're performing in front of a massive crowd or recording in the studio, you can feel the intensity and commitment that they put into every note. This is one of the main reasons why they've become such a beloved band, not just in Scotland but all around the world.

In conclusion, the musical journey of Twin Atlantic is one that inspires and delights music fans everywhere. From their early beginnings building a loyal local fanbase in Glasgow, this band has gone on to become one of the most respected and celebrated indie rock acts of the last decade. Their music is an irresistible mix of punk, rock, and indie, and their passion and skill are second to none. Whether you're a longtime fan of Twin Atlantic or just discovering them for the first time, there's something here for everyone to enjoy. So turn up the volume, grab a cold drink, and let Twin Atlantic take you on a sonic adventure you won't soon forget.
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1 - Heart And Soul
2 - Make A Beast Of Myself
3 - Crash Land
4 - What Is Light? Where Is Laughter?
5 - Yes, I Was Drunk
6 - Audience And Audio
7 - Edit Me
8 - Lightspeed
9 - Brothers And Sisters
10 - Time For You To Stand Up
11 - Human After All
12 - Hold On
13 - Better Weather
14 - Serious Underground Dance Vibes
15 - Dreamember
16 - The Ghost Of Eddie
17 - Eight Days
18 - Wonder Sleeps Here
19 - We Want Better, Man
20 - No Sleep
21 - Fall Into The Party
22 - Old Grey Face (and The Way Of The Magenta)
23 - Old Grey Face
24 - Oceans
25 - I Am An Animal
26 - Be A Kid
27 - Time Is The Enemy
28 - Actions That Echo
29 - I Cave In
30 - A Guidance From Colour
31 - You Are The Devil
32 - Cell Mate
33 - The Chaser
34 - Rest In Pieces
35 - Ex El
36 - What Is Light? Where Is Laughter? (skrillex Remix)
37 - Whispers
38 - Free
39 - The Ones That I Love (intro)
40 - Novocaine
41 - Oh! Euphoria!
42 - Barcelona
43 - Caribbean War Syndrome
44 - Apocolyptic Renegade
45 - You're Turning Into John Wayne
2020: Power
2016: Gla
2011: Free
2009: Vivarium


2024-03-22 h: 18:00
OVO Arena
London, UK
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