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Little Eva

Eva Narcissus Boyd (June 29, 1943 – April 10, 2003), known by the stage name of Little Eva, was an American pop singer.



Little Eva: The Girl with an Irresistible Groove

When it comes to music, there are some artists whose ingenuity and style can never be forgotten. Little Eva is one of those artists, whose legacy continues to amaze us till today. Eva Narcissus Boyd, fondly known as Little Eva, is an American singer known for her contemporary pop hits in the 1960s. In this article, we'll travel through the musical journey of Little Eva, and get to know her beginnings, her most famous albums, and her most famous songs.

Little Eva's journey into music began when she started babysitting for the songwriting duo Goffin and King, who wrote hits for stars like The Drifters and The Shirelles. One day, while they were playing around with a catchy tune, Eva’s vocals caught their attention, and they knew they had found something special. The result was her first hit single, The Loco-Motion, which reached number one on the Billboard chart in 1962. The song was an instant phenomenon, dancing across radios and dance floors and changing the face of pop music forever.

Her first album, aptly titled The Loco-Motion, was a massive success. The album showcased Eva's unique and sultry voice and become a fan favorite all across the nation. Her second album Let's Turkey Trot, which was released later that same year, also brought her immense success. The record featured her signature ‘dance craze’ style that her fans quickly grew to love. With the help of her hit singles Swinging on a Star and Old Smokey Locomotion, Let's Turkey Trot went on to be a classic album.

Little Eva's music was dominated by pop and R&B and influenced by her African-American roots. Her songs instantly captured the hearts and minds of audiences worldwide, and her popularity grew with time. With incessant touring and consistent hits, Eva was seen as a rising star and a beacon of hope for women in the music industry. Her undeniable groove, high energy, and unique voice left an indelible mark and cemented her as a genuine musical icon.

Little Eva's musical influence is substantial and widespread. Her style and rhythm have become a staple in modern pop music, and her voice is still unmatched. Even legendary musicians like Carole King, The Beatles, and Van Halen have cited her as one of their primary musical influences. Her songs have been covered and sampled by countless artists, such as Kylie Minogue, Grand Funk Railroad, and The Jackson 5.

The story of Little Eva is a testament to the power of music and its enduring influence. Her iconic style and voice continue to inspire new generations of musicians and music lovers. As we look back on her legacy, we can see the impact she's had on the music industry. Little Eva was undoubtedly one of the pioneers who paved the way for future female singers and helped shape contemporary pop music into what it is today. Her music is timeless, and her groove is irresistible. Thanks to her, we have a rich and vibrant musical landscape today. May her legacy continue to live on for generations to come.
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1 - The Locomotion
2 - Breaking up Is Hard to Do
3 - Let's Turkey Trot
4 - Locomotion
5 - Keep Your Hands Off My Baby
6 - The Trouble With Boys
7 - Down Home
8 - Uptown
9 - Let's Turkey Trot
10 - He Is The Boy
11 - Makin' With The Magilla
12 - Up On The Roof
13 - Let's Start The Party Again
14 - Run To Her
15 - Will You Love Me Tomorrow
16 - Some Kinda Wonderful
17 - I Have A Love
18 - Swinging On A Star
19 - Please Hurt Me
20 - Just A Little Girl
21 - Where Do I Go
22 - Sharing You
23 - What I Gotta Do (to Make You Jealous)
24 - Some Kind-a Wonderful
25 - Takin' Back What I Said
26 - Wake Up John
27 - Get Him
28 - Stand By Me
29 - I Wish You A Merry Christmas
30 - Where Do I Go?