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State Champs

Get to know State Champs: Let's talk about their musical biography, best songs, genre, and famous concerts.
If you are a pop punk fanatic, State Champs is definitely on your playlist. This five-piece American band was formed in 2010 in Albany, New York. Since then, they've become one of the most popular groups in the pop punk scene. The band is composed of Derek Discanio (lead vocals), Tyler Szalkowski (lead guitar/backing vocals), Ryan Scott Graham (bass guitar/backing vocals), Tony Rival Diaz (rhythm guitar), and Evan Ambrosio (drums). In this blog, we'll explore their musical biography, best songs, genre, famous concerts, and some critics.
Musical Biography: State Champs have accomplished a lot in their ten years of existence. They've released four full-length studio albums, two extended plays, and a live album. Their first EP, Overslept, was released in 2012, followed by their debut full-length album, The Finer Things, in 2013. They gained immense popularity with their sophomore album Around The World And Back (2015) and Living Proof (2018). State Champs' latest album Unplugged shows the band's ability to blend their pop punk sound with a more acoustic-based sound.
Genre: State Champs fall under the pop punk genre. They have a fast, high-energy, and catchy sound that resonates with music lovers worldwide. State Champs are often compared with other pop punk bands like All Time Low, Neck Deep, and New Found Glory.
Best Songs: State Champs have a plethora of bangers that any pop punk fan would appreciate. Their track Secrets from their second album is a fan favorite. The lyrics are relatable, and the catchy chorus makes it an instant classic. Another hit track is All or Nothing, one of the tracks that contributed to their success. The song has an infectious melody and a rhythm you can't help but nod your head to. Dead and Gone is another popular track, known for its anthem-like chorus.
Famous Concerts and Critics: Year after year, State Champs continue to sell out several shows worldwide. The band's live performances are energetic, exciting, and always leave their fans wanting more. The best concerts to date were their around-the-world tour in 2015, where they played 115 shows in 15 months and the tour for Living Proof in 2019. Critics, on the other hand, say that State Champs haven't evolved their sound beyond the pop punk genre, and their new releases feel formulaic.
State Champs is a band that has produced amazing music in the pop punk genre, which is evident from their vast following and sold-out shows around the world. Their distinct sound and relatable lyrics have won the hearts of many. As with any band, they've had their critics, but State Champs' fans continue to love and support them no matter what. Are you a fan of State Champs? Let us know in the comments what your favorite song is.


Next Festival
Hatfield Park
London, UK
1 - Elevated
2 - If I'm Lucky
3 - Stay The Night
4 - All You Are Is History
5 - Deadly Conversation
6 - Hard To Please
7 - Stitches
8 - Dead And Gone
9 - Prepare To Be Noticed
10 - Simple Existence
11 - Easy Enough
12 - Over The Line
13 - Stick Around
14 - Losing Myself
15 - Slow Burn
16 - How It Used To Be
17 - Shades Of Gray
18 - Mind Bottled
19 - Rooftops
20 - Perfect Score
21 - The Record
22 - Around The World And Back
23 - Eyes Closed
24 - Breaking Ground
25 - Small Talk
26 - I Would Try
27 - Shape Up
28 - Criminal
29 - If It Helps You Focus
30 - Hot And Bothered
31 - Leave You In The Dark
32 - Back And Forth
33 - Crystal Ball
34 - Tooth And Nail
35 - Lightning
36 - Mine Is Gold
37 - Frozen
38 - Our Time To Go
39 - We Are The Brave
40 - Tonsil Hockey
41 - Hurry Up And Wait
42 - Safe Haven
43 - Something About You
44 - Crying Out Loud
45 - Real World
46 - All Or Nothing
47 - Nothing's Wrong
48 - Secrets
49 - Outta My Head


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