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Silversun Pickups

Silversun Pickups is an alternative rock band from Los Angeles that was formed in 2002. The band currently comprises Brian Aubert, Nikki Monninger, Christopher Guanlao and Joe Lester. The Silversun Pickups are a critically acclaimed alternative rock band out of Los Angeles, best known for their psychedelic guitar tone and profound, emotive lyrics. Since forming in 2000, the PJ Harvey-, Radiohead-, and Spacemen 3–influenced foursome has released five studio albums filled with thoughtfully crafted songs that range from exuberant indie-rock to more storied shoegaze craftiness. From the breakthrough hit Lazy Eye”—undoubtedly one of the bands most beloved songs—to poignant numbers like Panic Switch” and a bounty of other standouts like Nightlight” and Little Lover’s So Polite,” everyone from critics to modern rock radio can give testament to Silversun Pickups music as being among some of the great alternative records of the decade.
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Recently added songs of Silversun Pickups:
Empty Nest
Hidden Moon
Friendly Fires

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Why Silversun Pickups Should Be on Your Playlist

When it comes to music, we all have our own unique preferences and tastes. But few can deny the melodic intensity of Silversun Pickups' modern alternative rock sound. With biting lyrics that cut deep and a dynamic mix of guitar-driven hooks, power chords, and synth textures, Silversun Pickups merge an angsty urgency with a driving attitude in their work. There’s no doubt about how much these Los Angeles natives have captured people's attention since they released their first studio album “Carnavas” in 2006 – many cite them as one of the best new bands to emerge on the scene over the past decade! Yet despite this high praise from both fans and critics alike which they undeniably deserve; there are also certain aspects of their sound that leaves some wishing for more…

Music is powerful, and it has a way of connecting with our soul in ways we couldn't have imagined. Just like food, we all have our unique tastes when it comes to music. For me, there's nothing that cuts deep and excites me more than Silversun Pickups' modern alternative rock sound. Their music is a perfect mix of power chords, synth textures, and guitar-driven hooks that exude an angsty urgency and drive. Over the years, they have captured people's attention with their biting lyrics that cut deep, a sound that can only be described as intense. If you haven't had the chance to listen to Silversun Pickups yet, now is the time to add them to your playlist.

1. They are masters of their craft

Silversun Pickups have been around since 2002, and they have released five studio albums, all of which have received high praise from fans and critics alike. They have always had a distinct sound and have never tried to shy away from it. They are experts at creating music that is both familiar and unique, often blending elements of grunge, alternative rock, and post-punk revival. The band's frontman Brian Aubert has a voice that is both haunting and powerful, drawing you in with each lyric.

2. Their lyrics are relatable

Lyrics are often one of the most important parts of a song, and this is where Silversun Pickups shine. Their lyrics are full of emotions, and they delve into topics that many people can relate to, such as love, loss, and anxiety. For instance, Panic Switch is a song about feeling lost, trapped, and overwhelmed. The lyrics, Control yourself, take only what you need from it. A family of trees wanting to be haunted, perfectly describe the feeling of being out of control and alone.

3. They are powerful live performers

Silversun Pickups are known for putting on an amazing live show. They are a passionate band and put everything they have into their performances. Their live shows are always energetic and filled with raw emotion. The band has played some of the world's biggest festivals, including Lollapalooza, Coachella, and Bonnaroo, cementing their place as one of the best live bands around.

4. They constantly evolve

4. They constantly evolve

Silversun Pickups are a band that is always evolving. They are continuously experimenting with new sounds and styles, often incorporating different instruments and electronic elements into their music. This is evident in their latest album Widow's Weeds, which features a more stripped-down sound that showcases the band's growth and evolution.

5. They have a unique sound

Finally, Silversun Pickups have a unique sound that sets them apart from other bands. They have this intense, almost haunting sound that draws you in. The mix of strong guitar riffs, synth textures, and Brian Aubert's powerful voice all work together to create a sound that is both familiar and new. Their music can be both hard-hitting and emotional, making them a band that appeals to a broad audience.

In conclusion, Silversun Pickups are a band that you should definitely have on your playlist. Their unique sound, powerful performances, and relatable lyrics make them an extraordinary band worth discovering. Their music is like a breath of fresh air that hits you hard and leaves you wanting more. So what are you waiting for? Head on over and add Silversun Pickups to your playlist today.
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1 - Lazy Eye
2 - Panic Switch
3 - Three Seed
4 - Well Thought Out Twinkles
5 - Substitution
6 - The Pit
7 - The Royal We
8 - Little Lover's So Polite
9 - Melatonin
10 - Checkered Floor
11 - Future Foe Scenarios
12 - Waste It On
13 - Common Reactor
14 - Dream At Tempo 119
15 - Growing Old Is Getting Old
16 - Sort Of
17 - Draining
18 - Catch And Release
19 - Kissing Families
20 - Surrounded (or Spiraling)
21 - Bloody Mary (nerve Endings)
22 - Skin Graph
23 - Comeback Kid
24 - Booksmart Devil
25 - Make Believe
26 - Busy Bees
27 - Mean Spirits
28 - Here We Are (chancer)
29 - The Fuzz
30 - Creation Lake
31 - Dots And Dashes (enough Already)
32 - Simmer
33 - Cannibal
34 - ...all The Go Inbetweens
35 - Gun-shy Sunshine
36 - Out Of Breath
37 - Currency Of Love
38 - Seasick
39 - Broken Bottles
40 - Sci Fi Lullaby
41 - Ribbons & Detours
42 - Lazy Eye (jason Bentley Remix)
43 - There's No Secrets This Year
44 - It's Nice To Know You Work Alone
45 - Nightlight
46 - Circadian Rhythm (last Dance)
47 - Cradle (better Nature)
48 - It Doesn't Matter Why
49 - Latchkey Kids
50 - Connection
51 - Freakazoid
52 - Friendly Fires
53 - Hidden Moon
54 - Empty Nest
2009: Swoon
2006: Carnavas


2023-06-21 h: 18:30
Alila Marea Beach Resort
San Diego, US
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