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DBFC: Digging into the Band's Catchy Electronic Sounds
DBFC is a French electronic music band that first emerged onto the music scene in 2015. Founded by David Shaw, who was previously part of the band Black Strobe, and Dombrance, the duo established a unique and catchy sound that resonates with music listeners worldwide. Their unique blend of rock, funk, and electronic music is addictive and thrilling, making them a go-to band for anyone looking for something new and refreshing. In this blog post, we will explore their musical biography, discuss their best songs, and explore their music genre.
DBFC’s music is a perfect reflection of the duo’s musical heritage, combining 90s British rock, French house, and disco sounds with modern-day electronic music. They have released several acclaimed tracks over the course of their career, including Autonomic, Get It All, and the critically acclaimed Jenks. These songs, through their unique sound, have gained them a loyal following both in Europe and beyond.
The most impressive thing about DBFC is their ability to seamlessly blend electronic and rock sounds to produce music that is both catchy and dance-worthy. All their songs are a perfect reflection of their creativity and versatility, with each track being unique from the others. DBFC is, without a doubt, one of those rare bands that can create music that is both challenging and engaging.
Their genre-bending approach to music has earned them a place among some of the great names in the music industry. They have been compared to other notable bands like Daft Punk, Justice, and LCD Sound System, yet they have a sound all their own. Their blend of rock and electronic music has made them a hit among music lovers of all ages.
DBFC has also played some of the most memorable concerts in recent years. They played at La Cigale in Paris in October 2018, where they performed some of their biggest hits to a packed audience. The duo’s live performance is just as electrifying as their recordings, and the energy and passion they bring to the stage is infectious.
DBFC is a band that has proven to be a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Their ability to blend rock and electronic music has earned them a place among some of the best musicians in the world. Their unique sound, catchy beats, and electrifying performances have gained them a massive following both within France and globally. DBFC deserves to be on every music lover's playlist because they have something for everyone, whether you love to dance or just want something fresh and a little bit different. This band is a testament to the power of creativity and versatility, and they are undoubtedly worth a listen.
1 - Autonomic
2 - Jenks
3 - Humdrum
4 - Bright Light
5 - In The Car
6 - Leave My Room
7 - Disco Coco
8 - New Life
2017: Jenks