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Silver Convention was a West German Euro disco recording act of the 1970s. The group was originally named Silver Bird Convention or Silver Bird.
The Funky Disco Music of Silver Convention
Silver Convention is a German disco band that gained worldwide fame during the late 1970s with funky tracks like Fly, Robin, Fly and Get Up and Boogie. Together with other disco acts like Boney M. and ABBA, Silver Convention dominated the airwaves and dance floors of the disco era. In this blog post, we'll dive into the musical biography of Silver Convention, explore some of their best songs and music genre, talk about their famous concerts, and read a music critic's opinion about their place in music history.
Silver Convention is a disco band that formed in Munich, Germany in the early 1970s. The group was originally led by producers Silvester Levay and Michael Kunze, who were looking for a way to break into the international music scene. They then formed the group initially known as Silver Bird Convention that featured three female vocalists, Penny McLean, Ramona Wolf, and Jackie Carter. However, only McLean and Wolf would remain with the group. Silver Convention's first album, Save Me, was released in 1974 and spawned the hit single Fly, Robin, Fly, which achieved a Grammy Award and a top billboard chart position. Silver Convention went on to release a series of hit albums and singles throughout the 1970s, including Get Up and Boogie, Lady Bump, and No, No, Joe.
Silver Convention is known for their smooth and funky disco rhythms that feature the use of strings, horns, and other instrumental accompaniments. Their music style blends funk, soul, and disco in a unique way that makes them still stand out even today. The band's excellent use of vocal harmonies, strong bass lines, and infectious drum grooves links them to the rest of the disco era's bands. This would lead to an unmistakably but magical sound that dominated the clubs of the era.
One of the band's most legendary concerts was in 1977 when they played a remarkable performance at New York City's Studio 54 nightclub. At the height of their popularity, this club drew celebrities and the social elite from all over the world. Interestingly, during the show, they performed both 'Fly, Robin, Fly' and 'Get Up and Boogie from which the crowd seemingly lost control of themselves, and people started dancing crazily on the dancefloor. The performance was referenced in several TV shows and movies like 2019's drama film 'Hustlers.'
A popular perception of Silver Convention's music talks about their knockout vocals, dubbed as one of the most vital features of their sound. According to several music critics, Silver Convention's disco oeuvre is something beyond just the conventional disco. The band was certainly not just a bunch of singers but masters of infectious rhythms that stay stuck in the listeners' heads for days.
Silver Convention played a pivotal role in shaping the disco era with their string-based beats, powerful vocals, and smooth harmonies. Their music represented the soundtrack of nightlife, partying, and dancing of the time, and their impact was unmistakable. Their irresistible hits are still club favorites in modern-day discos, and their music is a testament to the best of the disco scene. Although Silver Convention only lasted a few years, their music lives on to this day as some of the best of the disco genre, and their contribution to the music industry will never be forgotten.
1 - Fly Robin Fly
2 - Get Up And Boogie
3 - Save Me
4 - Telegram
5 - Tiger Baby
6 - Lady Bump
7 - Disco Ball
8 - Plastic People
9 - Acuestate Conmigo
10 - Midnight Lady
11 - Fancy Party
12 - Magic Mountain
13 - Wolfchild
14 - Get Up And Boogie (that's Right)
15 - Fly Robin Fly - Alternate Mix
16 - San Francisco Hustle
17 - I Like It
18 - No No Joe
19 - Always Another Girl
20 - Get Up & Boogie
21 - Love In A Sleeper
22 - Fly, Robin Fly
23 - You've Got What It Takes
24 - Heart Of Stone
25 - Dancing In The Aisle
26 - Son Of A Gun
27 - Blame It On The Music
28 - Everybody's Talking 'bout Love
29 - Spend The Night With Me
30 - I'm Not A Slot Machine
31 - Get It Up
32 - Play Me Like A Yo Yo
33 - Please Don't Change The Chords Of This Song
34 - Mission To Venus
35 - (world Is A) Madhouse
36 - Get Up & Boogie (that's Right)
1976: Madhouse
1975: Save Me