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Inside the Musical World of Nina Zilli: Discovering the Best Songs and Performances of the Italian Jazz Singer
Nina Zilli takes the stage with an electrifying presence that almost belies her smooth and silky voice as an Italian jazz singer. Her music is a fusion of jazz, soul, pop, and Italian folk, which creates a unique sound that resonates with audiences worldwide. With an inimitable style and stage presence, she has established herself as a top-tier jazz singer on the international music scene. In this article, we explore Nina Zilli's musical biography, best songs, music genre, and share some of the best and most famous concerts of her career.
Born on February 2, 1980, as Maria Chiara Fraschetta, Nina Zilli grew up in Piemonte region in northern Italy. She spent a part of her childhood in Ireland and then moved to London, where she discovered her passion for music. She took inspiration from the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Bessie Smith, and Etta Jones and created her unique repertoire. She participated in numerous talent shows, which eventually led to her signing with the EMI Music label. In 2010, she released her debut album, Sempre Lontano, which features remarkable songs such as 50mila, L'amore Verra, and L'inferno.
Nina Zilli's music genre blends jazz, soul, pop, and folk music, which creates a unique mix that showcases her musical creativity. Her songs are a combination of English and Italian lyrics, and her voice evokes a range of emotions from light, playful, and soulful. She has a style that can only be described as smooth and sophisticated, perfect for jazz enthusiasts looking for something new.
Nina Zilli has performed in several concerts worldwide to critical acclaim. One of her most prominent performances was at the Sanremo Festival, the most popular Italian festival, in 2012. Her performance of the song Per Sempre was one of the most remarkable moments of the festival's history, securing her fourth place in the competition. Other outstanding performances that stand out are Concertone 1st May 2017 in Rome and her participation in Festivalbar in 2011.
Nina Zilli's best songs are a combination of her unique style and passion for jazz music. Some of her best songs include L'Amore Verra, 50mila, L'Inferno, Per Sempre, and Sola, which showcase her range and depth as an artist. Her recent album Modern Art, which was released in 2020, features another set of fantastic songs like Quel Giorno D'estate, Cimelio, and L'Ora Esatta.
In conclusion, Nina Zilli is one of the most exciting jazz singers on the Italian and international music scenes, with a vocal range that embodies the best of jazz, soul, and Italian folk. Her concerts and performances have been some of the most memorable in the history of Italian music. We hope this article has provided insights into her musical biography, her unique blend of jazz, soul, and pop genres, her best songs, and some of her most famous concerts. If you're a devoted jazz enthusiast or just looking to delve into something new – Nina Zilli's music is sure to captivate your soul.
Next Concert
2024-08-10 h: 21:30
Piazza Europa
La Spezia, Italy
1 - L'uomo Che Amava Le Donne
2 - L'amore è Femmina
3 - Per Sempre
4 - Come Il Sole
5 - Bacio D'a(d)dio
6 - Penelope
7 - Tutto Bene
8 - Il Paradiso
9 - Bellissimo
10 - C'era Una Volta
11 - No Pressure
12 - Una Notte
13 - Per Le Strade
14 - Piangono Le Viole
15 - La Felicità
16 - Non Qui
17 - La Casa Sull'albero
18 - Lasciatemi Dormire
19 - Se Bruciasse La Città
20 - Luna Spenta
21 - Lei Dice
22 - Fra Il Divano E Le Nuvole
23 - Dicembre
24 - Schema Libero
25 - Senza Appartenere (sanremo 2018)
26 - Mi Hai Fatto Fare Tardi
27 - 50mila Ft. Giuliano Palma
28 - Sola
29 - 1xunattimo
30 - Cadevo Piano
31 - Intro (cirronembi)
32 - #rll (riprenditi Le Lacrime)
33 - L'amore è Femmina (out Of Love)
34 - Anna
35 - Un'altra Estate
36 - La Casa Sull'albero
37 - L'amore E' Femmina (out Of Love) - English Version
38 - L'inverno All'improvviso
39 - Bacio D'a(d)dio
40 - L'amore Verrà
41 - L'amore è Femmina
42 - L'inferno
43 - L'uomo Che Amava Le Donne
2017: Modern Art


2024-08-10 h: 21:30
Piazza Europa
La Spezia, Italy
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