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An evil thing and your moment to disconnect. Musical smoking is becoming more and more popular as a way to relax and enjoy the acoustic effects of various substances. Cigarettes, cigars, hemp, and marijuana are all commonly smoked in this way. By burning skillfully crafted blends of plants and grains, people are able to produce calming riffs that can be exhaled as smoke entwined around rustling treble lines emanating from their own imaginative techniques. This specially designed type of burning lends itself easily to improvisation and enhances any jam session or tunes otherwise played by individual or ensemble setups consisting of any kinds of instruments predetermined by sound engineers' preconceived ideas and objectives. Many cultures also attach fundamental significance to certain strains of smoking musically varying depending upon ceremonial event – whether it's dancing round SMOKEY blues or AWESOME Gospel Singing – producing an atmosphere of exotic contemplation within those inclu
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