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Discovering the Musical Journey of Sid Sriram
For those who have a love for music, it's always a thrilling experience to learn about the journey of artists. In today's blog post, we'll be discussing the impressive career of a multi-talented artist, Sid Sriram. Sid Sriram started his musical career 15 years ago and has since then been making waves in the music industry. After breaking into the mainstream with his spectacular renditions of Indian Classical songs, he’s become one of the most known names among the Indian-American musicians. In this post, we'll be taking a closer look at his biography, top songs, music genre, his most notable concerts and what the critics say about his music.
Sid Sriram was born in Chennai, India, and raised in San Francisco. He started his music career in 2005 by performing at various gigs and recording music in his bedroom. He was known for being a classical vocalist and later started performing in various bands. He initially was studying Political Science, Philosophy, and Music at the University of California, Berkeley. However, he dropped out and moved to India to learn Indian Classical music. After he moved back to California, he performed at various concerts and shows, and in 2011, he released his first album Daydream.
Music Genre:
Sid Sriram's music is a blend of Indian classical, Electronic, and R&B. His music has a way of fusing different music styles, creating a unique sound that sets him apart from other artists. He's also known for his soulful, emotional, and mesmerizing vocals.
Best Songs:
Sid Sriram has an impressive repertoire of songs, but some of his standout tracks include Adiye, Ennai Maatrum Kaadhale, High On Love, Echcharikkai and Maruvaarthai. These songs showcase his unique style and vocal range. His emotionally charged voice and evocative lyrics pack a punch that can hit you hard in the feels.
Notable Concerts:
Sid Sriram's music has been featured in many notable events throughout his career, including concerts such as Koffee with DD, Coke Studio, and the AR Rahman 50th birthday celebration. He has also had several sold-out shows in the Bay Area and Indian cities like Chennai and Mumbai.
Critics have been praising Sid Sriram’s music, commending his control over his voice and the beautiful emotions he puts into every song. Critics have said that Sid Sriram's voice swings from mesmerizing to hauntingly beautiful in a matter of seconds, inspiring great emotions and leaving a mark on the listener's heart.
Sid Sriram is a musical genius and a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. He is a true gem with a voice that can captivate the soul and his talent has garnered respect and admiration from many music lovers. If you haven't already heard his music, it's your loss! So, what are you waiting for? Start adding his music to your playlist, and believe me, you won't regret it.
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The Phenomenal Musical Journey of Sid Sriram: A Life of Melody and Passion

Music is said to be the universal language of mankind. It is a powerful medium of expression that has the ability to move people and touch their souls. And when it comes to soulful music, the name Sid Sriram has become synonymous with it. This young artist from Chennai, India, has captured the hearts of music lovers around the world with his soulful voice and unique style. Today, we dive into the life and journey of this musical genius and explore his origins, his most famous songs and albums, and his inescapable influence on the music industry.

Sid Sriram’s love for music started at an early age. Born in Chennai, India, he grew up listening to various genres of music, including classical Carnatic music, Western classical music, and Indian film music. His parents were also passionate about music, and Sid’s father played the mridangam, a percussion instrument often used in Carnatic music. Sid Sriram trained in Carnatic music from the age of six and was later exposed to Western classical music during his schooling. He went to Berklee College of Music, where he studied music production and engineering. This diverse range of influences has undoubtedly shaped and influenced Sid Sriram’s unique musical style.

Sid Sriram’s music is often described as soulful, emotive, and powerful. His voice has an incredible range and can convey a wide range of emotions, from joy to sorrow and everything in between. He is known for his ability to blend different genres seamlessly, creating a unique and refreshing sound. Apart from his music, Sriram is also passionate about the lyrics in his songs. Many of his compositions are deeply personal and explore themes like love, loss, and identity.

Sid Sriram has many famous albums to his name, including Introspection, Daydream, and Entropy. His debut album, Entropy, was released in 2016 and was a huge commercial success. The album features tracks like ’96, which has become one of his most famous songs to date. In Introspection and Daydream, Sid Sriram’s music takes a more introspective direction, exploring deeper themes and moods.

Sid Sriram’s most famous song to date is undoubtedly ‘Thalli Pogathey’. The song, from the film ‘Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada’, became an instant sensation and catapulted Sriram into the limelight. It has over 100 million views on YouTube to date and is loved by music lovers all over the world. Another famous song is ‘Adiye’, from the film ‘Kadal’. The song features Sriram’s trademark soulful vocals and deeply emotional lyrics.

Sid Sriram’s musical journey has been nothing short of phenomenal. He has brought a unique and refreshing sound to the Indian music industry and has become a household name around the world. His ability to blend different genres and convey a wide array of emotions through his voice is a true testament to his talent. Wherever his journey takes him, one thing is for sure: Sid Sriram will continue to inspire and move music lovers around the world, one melody at a time.
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1 - Moments of Weakness
2 - Danger Design
3 - Sagetron
4 - Superstar
5 - High On Love
6 - Inayae
7 - Kadalalle
8 - Pularaadha (from "dear Comrade")
9 - Omg Ponnu
10 - Thaarame Thaarame
11 - Vachindamma
12 - Anbae Peranbae
13 - Ennadi Maayavi Nee
14 - Parayuvaan - From "ishq"
15 - Yennai Maatrum Kadhale
16 - Undiporaadhey
17 - Maruvaarthai
18 - Maate Vinadhuga
19 - Inkem Inkem Inkem Kaavaale
20 - Samajavaragamana
21 - It Isn't True
2019: Ishq
2018: Taxiwaala


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