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Shocking Blue

Shocking Blue was a Dutch rock band from The Hague, the Netherlands, formed in 1967. Their biggest hit, Venus, went to No.
Exploring the Musical Legacy of Shocking Blue
If you are a fan of music from the 60s and 70s, then you might be familiar with the Dutch band Shocking Blue. This iconic group produced some of the most mesmerizing music that still sounds great even today, years after their inception. Founded in 1967, Shocking Blue made a name for itself in the music industry, and the world hasn't stopped talking about them ever since. In this blog post, we will delve into Shocking Blue's musical biography, best songs, music genre, famous concerts, and criticism. So sit back and enjoy the journey into the world of this legendary band.
Shocking Blue consisted of four members, Mariska Veres (vocals), Robbie van Leeuwen (guitar), Klaasje van der Wal (bass), and Cornelius van der Beek (drums). The group got together in 1967, and their debut album, aptly named ‘Shocking Blue’, was released the same year. However, it was their second album, ‘At Home,' that catapulted them to success. The album's lead single, Venus, became an overnight success, topping the charts in multiple countries worldwide. The song's catchy riff, coupled with Veres's powerful vocals, made it an instant classic.
Shocking Blue was known for their psychedelic rock and pop rock sound, which was heavily influenced by the British Invasion. Their music is characteristically marked by a blend of thunderous guitar riffs and Veres's distinct vocal style. It was their sound that made them such an iconic band of the 60s and 70s era. In addition to Venus, Shocking Blue had other chart-topping hits such as Mighty Joe, Never Marry A Railroad Man, Inkpot, Eve And The Apple, and many more.
One of the most famous concerts that Shocking Blue participated in was the Kralingen Music Festival, which took place in June 1970. Kralingen was the Netherlands' answer to Woodstock and brought together over 100,000 people. Shocking Blue's performance was one of the most talked-about, as they rocked the stage with their eclectic sound and Mariska Veres's captivating presence. The band went on to perform at numerous other festivals and shows throughout Europe in the years that followed, cementing their place in music history.
Like every great artist, Shocking Blue was not without its criticisms. Some felt that the band's sound was too derivative of other bands of the era and lacked originality. Others argued that the band never really lived up to its massive potential and could have achieved greater heights. However, most of these criticisms were overshadowed by the band's undeniable influence in shaping the sound of rock music.
In conclusion, Shocking Blue left an indelible mark on the music world with their psychedelic sound and Mariska Veres's captivating voice. Their music continues to be played and appreciated by music lovers of all ages even decades after they parted ways. Even with the criticisms that have come their way, Shocking Blue still remains an essential name in musical history, leaving us with classic songs and unforgettable performances.



Remembering Shocking Blue: 50 Years Later

It's been fifty years since the Dutch Music group Shocking Blue left their mark on the music industry. Any die-hard fan of classic rock 'n roll sure knows who they are, and for good reason! Their psychedelic yet accessible sound was a unique mix that critics couldn't help but fall in love with. Though over time, not many people seem to remember them – becoming more obscure than ever - one thing is certain: Shocking Blue created some memorable tunes that still bring nostalgia and admiration even today. In this post we'll delve into both the critic's perspective about this remarkable artist as well as some of the positive aspects which make them so special. Let's dive right in!

It's hard to believe that it's already been fifty years since Shocking Blue burst onto the music scene with their unique psychedelic sound. While they may not be as well-known as some of their contemporaries, anyone who truly appreciates classic rock knows that they are a band that left an indelible mark on the industry. In this blog post, we will explore Shocking Blue's history, their impact on the music industry, and why they still deserve to be remembered today.

Shocking Blue was a Dutch music group formed in the 1960s. The group consisted of lead singer Mariska Veres, guitarist Robbie van Leeuwen, bassist Klaasje van der Wal, and drummer Cor van der Beek. Their sound was psychedelic and experimental, yet accessible enough to appeal to a wide range of listeners. Their breakthrough hit came in 1969 with Venus, which topped charts around the world and became an instant classic. Venus showcased Mariska Veres's distinctive vocals and Robbie van Leeuwen's masterful guitar work, and it remains one of the band's most iconic songs to this day.

While Venus may be their most well-known song, Shocking Blue released a number of other fantastic tracks during their lifetime. Never Marry a Railroad Man, Mighty Joe, and Acka Raga are just a few examples of their unique sound and songwriting prowess. The band was praised by critics for their innovative style and ability to blend genres like rock, blues, and pop into something truly unique.

In addition to their music, Shocking Blue was also known for their fashion sense. Mariska Veres's bold fashion choices, such as her signature fringed dresses, set the band apart from their peers and helped to create their visual identity.

So why did Shocking Blue fade into obscurity over time? There are a few theories. One is that their music was too eccentric for the mainstream audience, which caused them to be overlooked by radio stations and record labels. Another is that their success with Venus overshadowed their other work, causing people to view them as a one-hit wonder rather than a talented and innovative band.

Despite their relative obscurity in modern times, Shocking Blue left an undeniable mark on the music industry with their innovative sound and unique style. They were praised by critics for their ability to blend genres and create something truly different, and their fashion sense helped to set them apart from other bands of the era. While they may not be as well-remembered as some of their contemporaries, their music continues to captivate and inspire fans today. As we mark fifty years since their debut, it's important to acknowledge the impact that Shocking Blue had on the music industry and to appreciate their contributions to classic rock.
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1 - Hot Sand
2 - Venus
3 - Love Buzz
4 - Shocking You
5 - California Here i come
6 - Hello Darkness
7 - Send Me A Postcard
8 - Long And Lonesome Road
9 - Never Marry a Railroad Man
10 - Blossom Lady
11 - Mighty Joe
12 - Inkpot
13 - Acka Raga
14 - Love Machine
15 - Poor Boy (Long Version)
16 - Boll Weevil
17 - Rock In The Sea
18 - Never Married A Railroad Man
19 - Beggin'
20 - I'm A Woman
21 - Deamon Lover
22 - Eve And The Apple
23 - I'll Follow The Sun
24 - Daemon Lover
25 - Sally Was A Good Old Girl
26 - Out Of Sight Out Of Mind
27 - The Butterfly And I
28 - Simon Lee And The Gang (instrumental)
29 - Wild Wind
30 - Harley Davidson
31 - Fireball Of Love
32 - This America
33 - Oh Lord
34 - Roll Engine Roll
35 - I'll Write Your Name Through The Fire
36 - Alaska Country
37 - Lucy Brown Is Back In Town
38 - Good Times
39 - Gonna Sing Me A Song
40 - Let Me Carry Your Bag
41 - The Bird Of Paradise
42 - Love Is In The Air
43 - Dream On Dreamer
44 - Waterloo
45 - Love Sweet Love
46 - Keep It If You Want It
1974: Good Times
1973: Ham
1972: Attila
1972: Inkpot
1971: 3rd Album
1969: At Home