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Hawkwind are an English rock band, one of the earliest space rock groups. Their lyrics favour urban and science fiction themes.
Travel through the spacey universe of Hawkwind
Music is a universe in itself, and within this universe lie numerous genres that cater to the taste of different individuals. One of the most distinctive and otherworldly genres is Space Rock, and no band represents this genre better than Hawkwind. This English band was formed in 1969, and since then, they have released 32 studio albums and grabbed the attention of millions with their unique, spacey sound. In this article, we'll take a dive into the musical biography of Hawkwind, their best songs, music genre, famous concerts and a critic.
Hawkwind's music is like a trip through space, where time and existence don't have meaning. Their music can take you on a journey through the universe with their unconventional sound of blending rock and roll, electronica, and free jazz. Their sound is unique and distinctive, but it is their energetic live performances that have made them legends in the world of rock music.
Their debut album, Hawkwind (1970), set the tone for what's to come with their spacey sound and opening track Hurry On Sundown. Their second album, In Search of Space (1971), is considered one of their best works. It featured Master of the Universe, an iconic song with a killer riff, and You Shouldn't Do That, an epic track that lasts for almost 16 minutes. It's a testament to the band's ability to create a soundscape that takes listeners on a journey.
Their genre is a unique blend of psychedelic and hard rock with space rock being their dominant sound. The band is known for their long improvisational jams and psychedelic effects that create a dreamy, out-of-this-world experience for the listener.
Hawkwind's live performances have been iconic, and some of their famous concerts include their Space Ritual tour in 1973, where they performed in front of a psychedelic light show. They also made an appearance at the Glastonbury Festival in 1981, and their headlining performance became one of the festival's most memorable; their unique sound was an absolute standout.
A critic describes Hawkwind's music as an intoxicating, hypnotic stew of musique concrete, a rolling in-the-pocket rhythm section, and unrelenting guitars that blend psychedelic acid rock, blues, hard rock, and space music into a cosmic stew that's as unique as it is otherworldly.
Hawkwind's sound is a trip down the rabbit hole into a universe of their creation. Their music is unique, unconventional, and mind-bending. If you haven't yet experienced their work, it's time to put on some headphones, sit back and blast off on an unforgettable musical journey.


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Hawkwind - A Critical but Positive Review

If you've been a fan of rock and prog music over the last few decades, then it's safe to say you're aware of the influential impact Hawkwind have had on our musical landscape. From their unique sound blending psychedelic rock with science fiction and fantasy-inspired lyrics, to their first-of-their kind live performances that turned into an immersive event experience, there is no doubting the band's influence. But in between all this praise we have seen criticisms regarding Hawkwind - from accusations of being too avant-garde or as updated hippy fodder for festival worshipers - those not so lyrically polite views on their catalogue may leave fans suddenly speechless. But here at MusicUniteBlog we address both sides with open ears and humble hearts; presenting something critical but something good about Hawkwind - a review that looks past genres to appreciate what this British space rock band truly deserves: respect.

When it comes to British space rock, Hawkwind is a band that most people have heard of. With over 50 years in the industry, they have left their mark on the rock and prog music scene, inspiring countless musicians with their unique sound and captivating live performances. However, as with any band, there are always those who have something negative to say. In this blog post, we aim to present a critical but positive review of Hawkwind - looking past the genres and appreciating the influence they have had on the music world.

To truly understand Hawkwind, you must first listen to their music. Combining psychedelic rock with science fiction and fantasy-inspired lyrics, they create a sound that is uniquely their own. Their early albums, such as Hawkwind and In Search of Space, showcase the band's experimental side with extended instrumental pieces that take the listener on a journey through space and time. Later albums, like Warrior On The Edge Of Time and Levitation, showcase the band's ability to create catchy, radio-friendly songs while still maintaining their space rock edge.

One of Hawkwind's most notable contributions to the music world is their live performances. Their shows were not just concerts, but immersive experiences that often included dancers, light shows, and other visual elements to enhance the music and transport the audience to another world. This is perhaps best exemplified by their legendary 1972 tour, which saw the band performing on a stage that rotated above the audience, creating a truly mind-bending experience.

Of course, no discussion of Hawkwind would be complete without acknowledging the criticisms that have been leveled at them over the years. Some have accused the band of being too avant-garde, with their unconventional song structures and experimental approach turning off more mainstream music fans. Others have dismissed them as little more than hippy fodder for festival-goers, with their music relying too heavily on psychedelic imagery and stoner-friendly lyrics.

Despite these criticisms, it's hard to deny the impact that Hawkwind has had on the music world. They helped to pioneer a genre that blended rock with science fiction and fantasy elements, paving the way for bands like Pink Floyd and Yes. Their early albums, in particular, are essential listening for any fan of space rock or progressive music.

In conclusion, while there may be some who are quick to dismiss Hawkwind as nothing more than a relic of the 70s, there is no doubt that they have left an indelible mark on the music world. With their unique sound, captivating live shows, and pioneering approach to genre-blending, they have influenced countless musicians over the years. At MusicUniteBlog, we believe that it's important to appreciate the good while still acknowledging the critical. So, whether you're a die-hard fan of the band or simply curious to explore their music, we highly recommend giving Hawkwind a listen - you may just discover a new favorite band.
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1 - Silver Machine
2 - Seven by Seven
3 - Master of the Universe
4 - Motorhead
5 - Space Is Deep
6 - Brainstorm
7 - Lord of Light
8 - You Shouldn't Do That
9 - Hurry on Sundown
10 - Sonic Attack
11 - Children of the Sun
12 - Magnu
13 - Born to Go
14 - Urban Guerilla
15 - Adjust Me
16 - Earth Calling
17 - Lost Johnny
18 - Silver Machine - Original Single Version;live At The Roundhouse London; 1996 Remastered Version
19 - Down Through The Night
20 - You Shouldn't Do That
21 - Orgone Accumulator
22 - Time We Left This World Today
23 - We Took The Wrong Step Years Ago
24 - You Know You're Only Dreaming
25 - The Psychedelic Warlords (disappear In Smoke)
26 - Wind Of Change
27 - Master Of The Universe - 1996 Remastered Version
28 - Upside Down
29 - D-rider
30 - Opa-loka
31 - Silver Machine (original Single Version)
32 - Hall Of The Mountain Grill
33 - The Watcher
34 - The Wizard Blew His Horn
35 - Welcome To The Future
36 - Web Weaver
37 - Kings Of Speed
38 - Spiral Galaxy 28948
39 - One Change
40 - Goat Willow
41 - Black Corridor
42 - You'd Better Believe It
43 - Spirit Of The Age
44 - Standing At The Edge
45 - Dying Seas
46 - Be Yourself
47 - Paradox
48 - Quark, Strangeness And Charm
49 - Back In The Box
50 - Assault And Battery / The Golden Void
51 - Rama (the Prophecy)


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