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Broadcast are an indie electronic band, founded in Birmingham, England. Original members were Trish Keenan (vocals), Roj Stevens (keyboards), Tim Felton (guitar) and James Cargill (bass).
Exploring the Musical Biography and Best Songs of Broadcast
When it comes to unique, experimental music with a distinct vintage sound, there are few artists that can match the talents of Broadcast. This British band formed in 1995 and quickly became a beloved favorite among fans of alternative and electronic music. From their early days creating psychedelic dreamscapes to their later, more refined sound, Broadcast has made an enormous impact on the music world. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at their musical biography, best songs and music genre, as well as some of their most famous concerts and a discussion about a critic who has analyzed their work.
Broadcast's early music was heavily influenced by the psychedelic sounds of the 1960s, with a strong emphasis on the use of vintage instruments and analog recording methods. Much of their early work was also heavily inspired by film and television scores, giving their music a haunting, otherworldly quality. As they evolved, Broadcast's music became more experimental, incorporating elements of electronic and ambient music. Their unique sound quickly gained them a devoted following and critical acclaim.
The band's genre-defying sound is a mix of electronic, psychedelic, and ambient music, with a strong emphasis on intricate and dreamy melodies. One of their most loved songs is Papercuts, a mesmerizing track with soaring vocals and a hypnotic bassline that has become synonymous with the band's sound. Other great songs from their discography include Black Cat, Before We Begin, and Tender Buttons, which showcase their distinctive blend of vintage sounds and modern experimentation.
Broadcast's live performances have always been a true feast for the senses, with trippy visuals, stunning lighting, and their mesmerizing sound creating a truly immersive experience. Some of the band's most famous concerts include their performances at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, and their tour supporting the band Interpol. Fans were always in awe of the band's live show, which was known to leave the audience completely spellbound.
One critic who has analyzed Broadcast's unique sound is Simon Reynolds, a British music journalist and author. In his book Rip It Up and Start Again, Reynolds highlights the band's unique approach to creating music, calling them sonic inventors who are constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in electronic music. Reynolds also notes the band's use of vintage instruments and analog recording methods, which give their music a distinctive warmth and depth that sets them apart from other artists in the genre.
For fans of experimental and ambient music, Broadcast is an absolute must-listen. Their unique blend of vintage and modern sounds, combined with their innovative approach to creating music, has made them a true icon of the genre. From their early days as a psychedelic, experimental band to their later, more refined sound, Broadcast has always been at the forefront of electronic music. With their mesmerizing live performances and critically acclaimed discography, it's clear that Broadcast is a band that will continue to captivate and inspire listeners for years to come.



Broadcast's Catchy Tunes: A Critical Look

Have you ever noticed that while driving down the road, you seem to encounter Broadcast's music everywhere? Whether it’s playing on the radio in your car or blaring through a store speaker system - there’s no escaping these catchy tunes. But despite their infectious grooves and impressive beats, we have to admit - Broadcast doesn't always get it right when it comes to making good music. Don't worry folks - we're here pretending like we know what we're talking about as long-time listeners of Broadcast and trust us- today we come bearing some points of constructive criticism about this beloved musical artist! Tune in (pun absolutely intended) and let's dive into what makes us think twice before singing along with their tracks.

Broadcast: a band with a sound that's hard to ignore. I mean, seriously, who hasn't found themselves tapping their feet or humming along to their infectious tunes? But let's be real here - despite their earworm quality, Broadcast's music isn't always perfect. And as longtime listeners, we feel it's important to share our constructive criticism of their work. Don't worry, we're not here to bash anyone - just to have a healthy discussion about what makes their music so engaging, as well as what we'd prefer to see improved. So buckle up, hit play on their latest album, and let's dive into what we feel is standing out (and perhaps less positively) in Broadcast's music.

First off, let's talk about the instrumentation. Broadcast has always been known for weaving in different sounds and textures into their music, making for some truly unique listening experiences. But in recent years, we can't help but feel like those sonic experiments sometimes overshadow the actual songs. Don't get us wrong, it's cool to hear a looped sample or some distorted guitar every now and then - but when it feels like those elements are there just for the sake of being there, it can make the music feel a bit disjointed. We'd love to see Broadcast focus a bit more on writing memorable melodies and hooks, and let the production serve those elements instead of the other way around.

Another area where we think Broadcast could stand to improve is their lyrics. Now, don't get us wrong - we're not expecting Pulitzer-worthy prose from our favorite indie band. But there are times when we listen to their songs and can't help but feel like we're missing out on some deeper meaning or intention. It's not that their lyrics are bad per se, it's more that they can feel a bit...vague? It's hard to describe, but we'd love to see Broadcast push the limits a bit more when it comes to what they're saying with their music. Perhaps focus on specific themes or topics, and really dig into what they want to convey with their words.

One thing that Broadcast has always excelled at is their ability to create mood with their music. Whether it's a wistful ballad or a funky dance track, they know how to set the tone and transport listeners to a specific place or feeling. That being said, we do sometimes wish that they'd take that mood-setting ability a step further, and experiment with different styles and genres. It's always exciting to hear a band try something new, and we think that Broadcast has the potential to branch out a bit more when it comes to the types of music they're making. Who knows, maybe they'll find a whole new audience in the process!

Speaking of finding new audiences, we do have to admit that one thing we've noticed with Broadcast is that their music can sometimes feel a bit...niche. Again, we're not saying that's necessarily a bad thing - after all, plenty of successful bands have carved out a loyal fanbase by having a specific sound or aesthetic. But we do think that Broadcast could benefit from broadening their appeal a bit more. Whether that means collaborating with other artists, experimenting with different performance styles, or even just making some more radio-friendly tracks, we think that there's a lot of potential for this band to reach a wider audience.

At the end of the day, our goal here isn't to tear Broadcast down or nitpick every little thing about their music. Rather, we just wanted to share some thoughts on what we feel they could improve on moving forward. We've been longtime fans of this band and will continue to be, because we recognize that even with their flaws, their music is still incredibly engaging, unique, and enjoyable to listen to. We just hope that by sharing some constructive criticism, they'll be inspired to push themselves in new directions and continue to grow as artists. After all, what's better than hearing your favorite band evolve and improve right before your ears?
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The Musical Journey of Broadcast: A Biography

Broadcast is one of the most revered and iconic bands in the indie music scene. Known for their unique sound and experimental approach to music, Broadcast defined a generation and inspired countless other artists to pursue their passions. Without a doubt, Broadcast's influence and legacy will always be remembered and cherished.

In this blog post, we will take a deep dive into the musical biography of Broadcast. From their humble beginnings to their most famous albums and songs, we will look at how Broadcast became the trailblazers they are today.

Broadcast was formed in Birmingham, England, in 1995, by original members Trish Keenan and James Cargill. The band's sound was inspired by various genres, including psychedelic, electronic, and experimental music. They quickly gained a following for their distinct sound and clever fusion of different genres.

Their debut album, The Noise Made by People was released in 2000 and was an instant critical success. This album showcased Broadcast's unique sound and style, and songs like Come On Let's Go and Papercuts quickly became fan favorites. The album was groundbreaking and demonstrated Broadcast's ability to create music that was both innovative and accessible.

Broadcast's next album, Haha Sound, was released in 2003. This album continued the band's exploration of experimental music and featured tracks like Black Cat and Pendulum. This album was widely regarded as a masterpiece, and it solidified Broadcast as one of the most important bands of their generation.

In 2005, Broadcast released Tender Buttons, their third studio album. This album was a departure from their earlier works and marked a shift towards a more electronic sound. Tracks like America's Boy and Corporeal demonstrated a newfound energy and experimentation in the band's music. This album was well-received and further cemented Broadcast's reputation as boundary-pushing musicians.

After the release of Tender Buttons, Broadcast continued to tour and release music. Sadly, lead singer Trish Keenan passed away in 2011 due to complications from pneumonia. Despite this tragic loss, her legacy and the legacy of Broadcast lives on.

Broadcast's musical biography is a testament to the power of creativity, experimentation, and passion. Through their music, Broadcast was able to inspire and impact countless people around the world. They broke down barriers and pushed the limits of what was considered possible in music.

Broadcast's influence can still be heard in the music of many contemporary artists today. They paved the way for a new generation of musicians to explore and create music that is both innovative and accessible. Although the band is no longer active, their music will forever remain an essential part of indie music history.
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1 - Tender Buttons
2 - Come On Let's Go
3 - I Found the F
4 - Tears in the Typing Pool
5 - Black Cat
6 - Corporeal
7 - Ominous Cloud
8 - Before We Begin
9 - Michael a Grammar
10 - Bit 35
11 - Goodbye Girls
12 - Pendulum
13 - Arc of a Journey
14 - Subject to the Ladder
15 - Come On Let's Go
16 - Echo's Answer
17 - America's Boy
18 - Long Was The Year
19 - You And Me In Time
20 - I Found The End
21 - Colour Me In
22 - Unchanging Window
23 - Man Is Not A Bird
24 - Papercuts
25 - Valerie
26 - You Can Fall
27 - Minus One
28 - Look Outside
29 - Until Then
30 - The Book Lovers
31 - Winter Now
32 - Lunch Hour Pops
33 - Tower Of Our Tuning
34 - City In Progress
35 - Minim
36 - Distorsion
37 - Hammer Without A Master
38 - Dead The Long Year
39 - Black Umbrellas
40 - Minus 3
41 - The Little Bell
42 - Hawk
43 - Evil Is Coming
44 - Illumination
45 - Message From Home
46 - Accidentals
47 - Oh How I Miss You
48 - Chord Simple
49 - Still Feels Like Tears