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Working with various influences, microguagua artist Manolo Vega integrates each of their native Peruvian rhythms to create an elegant, yet modern blend of sound. Spanning from 1960s up until the present day, his music is rooted in Peru’s past, masterfully weaving a complex web between remixed arrangements and classic Afro and mestizo styles. Collaborations with other like-minded musicians has brought to light some of Vega’s best works such his ubiquitous classic “La Sirena en Microguagua” as well as favoirte albums “Ayes de Amarillo” and singluar outing Noche Suavemente. Thinking outside the box while respecting the context, he deliberately makes every effort to honor Peru's rich musical history past could be heard in every piece he crafts.
Microguagua: A Musical Portrait of the Sensuous Latin Sounds
Music has always been a medium of self-expression, and Microguagua perfectly embodies it. A beautiful blend of Latin sounds, this band has its distinctive groove that hits every corner of the heart. Every song has a story, every melody a purpose, and the lyrics' emotions transcend the language barrier. In this blog, we will take a deep dive into the musical biography of Microguagua, the band's genre, its best songs, famous concerts and its subsequent critic.
Founded in 2009, Microguaagua, a Spanish band, has been winning hearts in the world of Latin sounds. The group started with nine musicians fusing the beats of hip-hop, reggae, salsa, and funky music, and today, the band has grown with four musicians, creating a unique and signature Latin sound. This sound is a perfect integration of different musical elements that resonate along with the lead singer's deep and sensual voice, Jose Suleiman.
Diving into their music genre, Microguagua's music is best described as Lain- Hip-hop and Reggae-dub, with a deep willingness to explore different rhythmic structures. They use a range of instruments, saxophones, brass, drums, and electronics, creating a variety of sounds and feelings.
Microguagua's best songs are often the representation of their creative musical experimentation. Estereotipos, Bajo El Mismo Cielo, and Que Me Den Candela are some of their most popular numbers. Estereotipos is a potent song that speaks on the stereotyping in the Latin community, while Bajo El Mismo Cielo is a mellifluous melody that speaks of love. On the other hand, Que Me Den Candela is a groovy fast-paced tune that combines hip-hop with salsa.
Microguagua is an artist that brings a fresh and vibrant energy to their fans through their live concerts. They have a reputation for being incredibly energetic and captivating in their concerts. At their shows, there is always an electrifying atmosphere featuring different artists, dancers, and performers who bring listeners the epic sense of Latin music. They have performed in music festivals such as Sonar, Rototom Sunsplash, Cruïlla and BAM.
The freshness and unique approach of the Microguagua's music have won plenty of hearts, mainly Spanish-speaking countries like Spain, Mexico, and Colombia. Nonetheless, with the streaming age, the music is enjoyed globally, reaching music listeners all over the world. Their music's emotions and the eclectic combination of sounds transcend the language barrier, bringing their fans together through the sheer power of music.
In conclusion, Microguagua is an embodiment of the true essence of Latin music, with a unique sound and a deep connection to the genre. They represent a true marriage of cultures, experimenting through musical harmony, and creating innovative melodies. Their music carries an authentic message, expressed with passion, love and awareness. If you haven't listened to Microguagua yet, it's time to hit the play button and feel the Latin rhythm run through your soul.
1 - Lucesdelaciudad
2 - Pachamama
3 - Mil
4 - Il grande sogno
5 - Barrio santo
6 - Cuore di mare
7 - Pietro pugnale
8 - Monkey business
9 - Le piccole cose
10 - Esperando el Bondi