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It's no surprise that Descendents have a powerful presence in the history of punk rock music. Ever since they released their debut self-titled album in 1982, they developed an iconic sound and cultivated a unique artist identity both on stage and off it. Fast forward nearly 40 years later, the band has 11 studio albums and countless singles and compilations that speak to their musical legacy. And beyond individual songs, each album is an unforgettable narrative story for best discerning ear. Whether about love lost or found, heartache or pure joy, these phenomenal minds certainly know how to craft exquisite music tales!

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She Don't Care
I Won't Let Me
Cool To Be You

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The Descendents: Punk Rock Icons or Overrated Band?

The Descendents are one of the most influential punk bands out there. From their classic albums Milo Goes to College and Everything Sucks, they have created a sound that is both crucially impactful and musically pleasing. However, while it cannot be denied this band has had a great deal of success, it doesn't come without criticism from some listeners who have different outlooks on what makes music good. In today's blog post we will explore both sides; examining some of the complaints various listeners might lodge against them as well as talking about why they are so beloved by many others across generations. So let's take an in-depth look at the history, leadership, and legacy of the incredible Descendents!

The Descendents have been a major player in the world of punk rock since their inception. The band has released classic albums like Milo Goes to College and Everything Sucks that have influenced countless musicians. However, their success has not made them immune to criticism. Some music listeners argue that their music is overrated and lacks substance. So, are the Descendents punk rock icons or just another overrated band? In this blog post, we will explore both sides of the argument and take a deeper look into their history, leadership, and legacy.

The Descendents were formed in 1977 in Manhattan Beach, California, by guitarist Frank Navetta, drummer Bill Stevenson, and bassist Tony Lombardo. They soon recruited singer Milo Aukerman, who became the driving force behind the band's music and lyrics. Their early sound was heavily influenced by the Southern California hardcore scene, which was characterized by fast, aggressive music and politically charged lyrics. The band's early recordings, including their debut album Milo Goes to College, are considered classics of the genre.

While many punk rock enthusiasts consider the Descendents to be legends of the genre, some critics argue that the band lacks substance. They claim that the band's lyrics are juvenile and their songs lack the intellectual and political complexity that is present in other punk bands like the Dead Kennedys or Bad Religion. However, fans of the band argue that this is precisely what makes them so appealing. The Descendents' music is unpretentious, fun, and relatable. Their songs touch on universal themes like love, rejection, and growing up, making them accessible to a wide audience.

The leadership of the Descendents has been a subject of debate. Some argue that Milo Aukerman's departure from the band in the mid-1980s signaled the end of the group's heyday. Others, however, point to drummer Bill Stevenson's continued involvement in the band as evidence of their ongoing success. Stevenson has been a driving force behind the band since its inception and has been involved in a number of other influential punk rock projects, including Black Flag and All. He has also helped to keep the band relevant by bringing in new members and experimenting with different sounds.

The Descendents' legacy is a mixed bag. While they have been influential in the world of punk rock, they have also faced criticism for not taking enough risks or evolving musically. Some have accused the band of relying too heavily on their classic sound and not pushing the boundaries enough. Others argue that the Descendents' music is timeless and still resonates with listeners today. The band has certainly influenced countless other artists, and their songs continue to be covered by musicians across a variety of genres.

So, are the Descendents punk rock icons or just another overrated band? The answer, as with most things, is a matter of perspective. While some may criticize the band for their simplistic approach to songwriting, others appreciate their unpretentious and relatable music. The Descendents have left an indelible mark on the punk rock scene, and their influence can still be heard in the music of today's younger bands. Regardless of whether or not you consider the Descendents to be punk rock icons, there is no denying that their music has stood the test of time.
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1 - Suburban Home
2 - Hope
3 - Myage
4 - I Wanna Be A Bear
5 - Bikeage
6 - Parents
7 - Kabuki Girl
8 - Catalina
9 - Tonyage
10 - Marriage
11 - Statue Of Liberty
12 - Coffee Mug
13 - Jean Is Dead
14 - Silly Girl
15 - When I Get Old
16 - Nothing With You
17 - Sick-o-me
18 - Rotting Out
19 - Pervert
20 - Caught
21 - We
22 - Good Good Things
23 - Doghouse
24 - Coolidge
25 - This Place
26 - Thank You
27 - Hateful Notebook
28 - I Won't Let Me
29 - Talking
30 - Christmas Vacation
31 - Clean Sheets
32 - She Don't Care
33 - My Dad Sucks
34 - Blast Off
35 - Rockstar
36 - Dog And Pony Show
37 - Theme
38 - No Fb
39 - Dreams
40 - I'm Not A Loser
41 - I'm The One
42 - I'm Not A Punk
43 - Everything Sux
44 - 'merican
45 - M-16
46 - I Don't Want To Grow Up
47 - She Loves Me
48 - Cool To Be You
49 - I Won't Let Me
50 - She Don't Care


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