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Dead or Alive were a British new wave band from Liverpool, England. The group found success in the 1980s and had seven Top 40 UK singles and three Top 30 UK albums. Rock out to some amazing Dead or Alive classics! Reexperience the excitement of this captivating band who fused their innovative take on new wave, synth pop and punk rock for a wholly unique and electrifying sound. Take a trip down memory lane and relive those infectious hits that brought music fans around the world together in the 1980s. Now you can all appreciate the legacy of Dead or Alive’s classic strikes! Listen to absolute top-shelf upbeat songs like “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)", "Brand New Lover" and "Something in My House” — just to name a few. Dig into star Pete Burns creative acumen in crafting an iconic catalog of classics sure to go down in music history.

Unpacking the Good and Bad of Iconic '80s Band Dead or Alive

We all have that one artist we love to hate yet can't help but jam out to. Dead or Alive is a classic example and it's time to take a deep dive into their music. The goal? To find both the good and bad aspects of this iconic '80s band! Let us start by acknowledging what stands out about their work: those bright, loud synths with bouncy beats-- you literally cannot resist singing along when you hear them! But let's be honest - there are some jokes made at their expense which often detract from how great they actually were - like those outrageous outfits... I mean, really?? We'll go through the arguments so get ready for an opinionated exploration of just why Dead Or Alive had lasting influence in pop culture despite any blunders they may or may not have committed in yesteryear.

When it comes to 1980s culture, it's hard to ignore the impact of Dead or Alive. Their infectious synth hooks and poppy beats made them an instant hit, and their outrageous fashion choices secured their place as pop culture icons. But despite their popularity, many people love to hate on Dead or Alive, poking fun at their fashion choices and dismissing their music as cheesy. In this blog post, we're going to take a closer look at Dead or Alive and explore both the good and bad aspects of their work. So sit back, relax, and get ready for an opinionated exploration of this '80s band.

Let's start with the good - Dead or Alive's music is undeniably catchy and fun. Songs like You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) and Brand New Lover are bold, energetic, and infectious. They have a real knack for crafting memorable hooks and writing lyrics that get stuck in your head. But Dead or Alive wasn't just about making music - they were also pioneers in the world of music videos. Their videos were visually striking and often featured over-the-top costumes and makeup that perfectly complemented their sound. Even today, it's hard not to be captivated by the colorful, high-energy world that they created.

Now, onto the bad - let's be real, some of Dead or Alive's fashion choices were, well, questionable. Lead singer Pete Burns was known for his outlandish outfits, which often included leather, fishnets, and heavy makeup. While these looks were certainly eye-catching, they also attracted a fair amount of criticism at the time. Additionally, some of Dead or Alive's lyrics have been criticized for being overly sexualized or objectifying. While this was certainly par for the course in the '80s, it's worth noting that these lyrics don't always hold up to modern scrutiny.

But here's the thing - even though Dead or Alive had their fair share of missteps, they were undeniably influential in shaping the landscape of pop culture. Their music and fashion choices have been referenced and copied countless times over the years, and their legacy continues to live on. In fact, plenty of contemporary artists cite Dead or Alive as an influence - from Lady Gaga to The 1975. When you consider this, it's clear that Dead or Alive is a band that has left a lasting impact, regardless of any missteps they may have made.

In summary, Dead or Alive is a band that is worth examining from both sides. Yes, their fashion choices were sometimes outlandish, and their lyrics sometimes controversial. But at the same time, their music was undeniably infectious, and their influence on pop culture cannot be denied. Whether you love them or hate them, there's no denying that Dead or Alive is a band that left their mark on the '80s and beyond. So the next time You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) comes on the radio, don't be afraid to crank up the volume and sing along - because love them or hate them, Dead or Alive will always be a part of the pop music canon.
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1 - You Spin Me 'Round (like A Record)
2 - Misty Circles
3 - Brand New Lover
4 - You Spin Me Right Round
5 - You Spin Me Round
6 - That's The Way (i Like It)
7 - In Too Deep
8 - You Spin Me Round (like A Record) - Metro 7" Edit
9 - Something In My House
10 - I Wanna Be A Toy
11 - It's Been A Long Time
12 - I'll Save You All My Kisses
13 - Hooked On Love
14 - You Spin Me Round (like A Record) (re-recorded / Remastered)
15 - Big Daddy Of The Rhythm
16 - Lover Come Back (to Me)
17 - You Spin Me Round (like A Record) (murder Mix)
18 - My Heart Goes Bang (get Me To The Doctor)
19 - What I Want
20 - Cake And Eat It
21 - Isn't It A Pity
22 - Turn Around And Count 2 Ten
23 - Dj Hit That Button
24 - Come Home (with Me Baby)
25 - Lover Come Back To Me
26 - Come Home With Me Baby
27 - I'd Do Anything
28 - Far Too Hard
29 - Sex Drive
30 - You Spin Me Round (like A Record) (original 7" Mix)
31 - Then There Was You
32 - You Spin Me Round (like A Record) (performance Mix)
33 - Son Of A Gun
34 - I Don't Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
35 - Baby Don't Say Goodbye
36 - Special Star
37 - Come Inside
38 - My Forbidden Lover