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Martin Solveig: A Musical Biography of the French DJ and Producer
As music lovers, we all crave for fresh and exciting tunes that will make us tap our feet and dance to the beat. Martin Solveig, a French DJ and producer, is one artist who has been delivering just that for over two decades. In this blog post, we will dive into Martin Solveig's musical journey, explore some of his best works, and give an honest critique of his concerts.
Martin Solveig was born on September 22, 1976, in Paris, France. He grew up in a family of musicians and started playing the piano at the tender age of six. His love for music pushed him to study at the prestigious École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where he honed his talents in music production and sound engineering.
In 2002, Martin Solveig released his debut album, Sur la Terre, which earned him critical acclaim and a growing fan base. Over the years, he has released several other albums and hit singles that have further solidified his spot in the music industry as an accomplished DJ and producer. His music style is a fusion of electro-pop, house, and funk, giving it a unique sound that stands out from the crowd.
Some of Martin Solveig's best works include his chart-topping hits Hello, Intoxicated, and Do It Right. Hello, released in 2010, gained massive popularity and reached the top of the charts in several countries, including the UK, France, and Australia. The song's catchy tune and funky beats are still enjoyed by many today. Intoxicated, a collaboration with GTA, was released in 2015 and was also a massive success. The song's energetic atmosphere and pulsating beats make it a crowd favorite in festivals and parties worldwide.
Martin Solveig's genre-flexibility also shines through his other hits like Places, featuring Ina Wroldsen, All Stars, featuring Alma, and My Love, featuring Dragonette. These songs are a blend of different genres such as pop, house, and disco, and embody Martin Solveig's experimental spirit.
When it comes to live performances, Martin Solveig is undoubtedly a showman. He has graced some of the biggest festivals worldwide, including Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, and Coachella, to name a few. His sets are known for their electric energy and charisma, and have left fans in awe and wanting more.
However, despite his undeniable talent and creativity, Martin Solveig has also faced criticism in some instances. In 2018, he received backlash for making sexist comments at the Ballon d'Or ceremony after presenter Ada Hegerberg won the award and was asked if she could twerk. Martin later apologized for his comments, acknowledging that they were inappropriate and offensive.
Martin Solveig is undoubtedly one of the most versatile and creative DJs and producers in the music industry. His music style is a fusion of different genres, giving it a unique sound that stands out from the rest. He has graced some of the biggest festivals worldwide with his electric performances and delivered hits that have topped charts globally. However, as with any artist, he has also faced criticism on some occasions. Nevertheless, it does not diminish his musical achievements and the joy and energy he brings to the dance floor.
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A Musical Journey with Martin Solveig: From Beginnings to Fame

The mesmerizing beats and enchanting melodies of Martin Solveig have made him a household name in the electronic dance music genre. The French DJ, producer, and songwriter have captured the hearts and souls of music enthusiasts worldwide with his addictive rhythms and charismatic performances. In this blog post, we'll take a deep dive into Martin Solveig's musical biography, tracing his beginnings, his most famous albums, his most famous songs, and his musical style and influences that make him a unique artist.

Blog Body: Martin Laurent Picandet, aka Martin Solveig, was born on September 22, 1976, in Paris, France. He discovered his love for music at an early age, and in his teenage years, he started working as a DJ in local clubs around Paris. He gained popularity in the French club scene and released his first album in 2002, entitled Sur la terre, which was a mix of house, lounge, and funk music genres. However, his breakthrough album came in 2005, Hedonist, which reached a global audience and became a hit.

Following the success of Hedonist, Martin Solveig released several more albums and singles, including Smash, The Night Out, Hello, and Intoxicated. These songs have become major hits around the world, winning several awards including the MTV Video Music Award and the NRJ Music Award. His music has been played in clubs, festivals, and radio stations worldwide, cementing his place as one of the most influential DJs of this generation.

Martin Solveig's musical style is unique, as he combines various genres, including electro house, progressive house, and pop music, to create a sound that has been described as quirky, upbeat, and feel-good. His musical influences are diverse, ranging from funk, disco, and soul music of the 1970s to the electronic dance music of the 1990s and 2000s. He has also collaborated with many famous artists, including Dragonette, Madonna, and Jax Jones, to produce chart-topping hits.

Despite his success, Martin Solveig has remained grounded and passionate about music. In an interview, he said that his goal is to bring joy and make people dance with his music. He has also been involved in various charitable activities, including the fight against AIDS and supporting the education of children in need.

Conclusion: Martin Solveig is undoubtedly one of the most talented and innovative musicians in the world of electronic dance music. His captivating beats, enchanting melodies, and unique musical style have won the hearts and souls of music enthusiasts worldwide. With his passion for music, humble demeanor, and endless creativity, Martin Solveig will continue to rock the world with his electrifying performances.
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1 - The Night Out (madeon Remix)
2 - Jealousy
3 - Everybody
4 - The Night Out
5 - Rejection
6 - Rocking Music
7 - Ready 2 Go
8 - Something Better
9 - I Want You
10 - C'est La Vie
11 - Dry
12 - The Night Out (a-trak Remix)
13 - Rocking Music (original Mix)
14 - One 2.3 Four
15 - Big In Japan
16 - Boys & Girls
17 - Something About You
18 - The Night Out (a-trak Vs. Martin Rework)
19 - Do It Right ft. Tkay Maidza
20 - & Dragonette - Hello
21 - Places Ft. Ina Wroldsen
22 - Intoxicated (official Music Video)
23 - All Stars Ft. Alma
24 - I'm A Good Man
25 - Juliet & Romeo
26 - Someday
27 - Heart Of Africa
28 - My Love
29 - The Night Out - Single Version
30 - Hey Now - Single Mix
31 - C'est La Vie
32 - +1 (feat. Sam White) - Radio Edit
33 - Linda
34 - Hard Beats
35 - Boys & Girls
36 - Madan
37 - 1 (feat. Sam White)
38 - Allo Allo
39 - Paradise
40 - Now Or Never
2011: Smash
2006: So Far
2005: Hedonist
2003: Suite


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