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Buzzcocks are an English punk rock band, formed in Bolton in 1976 by singer-songwriter-guitarist Pete Shelley and singer-songwriter Howard Devoto. From the classic album Another Music in a Different Kitchen to Smashes, Trashes and Hits, Buzzcocks are well known for their incredible music. An integral part of British punk rock, they have written some of the greatest songs heard throughout the music industry. Plus they paved the way for more than just Punk; their unique sound has had a lasting impression on many different genres. Their irresistible blend of post-punk energy and overlapping vocals makes their music truly remarkable. It's no wonder that timeless classics like Ever Fallen In Love continue to influence people across the globe! The Buzzcocks have broken barriers throughout the music industry and rock history. Not only did their classic tracks mesmerize millions, but they've established themselves as a leader of the punk movement. From their origins in Manchester, England to shared stages with Iggy Pop and The Clash, The Buzzcocks found success that far exceeded its punk beginnings. Want to take a trip back in time? Give a listen to some of their greatest hits like 'What Do I Get?', 'Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't’ve)', and 'Harmony In My Head', covering 40 years worth of genre spanning classics. Turn it up!


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Laughing at Ourselves: Hilarious Observations about Buzzcocks

If you're a lover of loud guitars and catchy lyrics, then you've probably been an ardent fan of the historical punk rockers, Buzzcocks. From their revolutionary artistic style to their extended discography of tunes, there's no denying that they made an impressive mark on the music industry and its culture. But if we're being honest here, some of those tracks are pretty questionable - especially once placed side by side with other genres such as pop or soul. So let's take a look at some hilarious (yet accurate!) observations about this iconic band!

If you're a fan of punk rock, then you know who Buzzcocks is. They are an iconic band that made a significant impact on the music industry, creating a revolutionary artistic style and producing an extensive discography of tracks. However, let's be honest; some of their songs can be pretty questionable, especially when compared to other genres such as pop or soul. But let's not take ourselves too seriously, and instead, take a light-hearted look at some hilarious observations about this beloved band.

1. Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've): While the lyrics of this track are undoubtedly relatable, one can't help but wonder why they chose to make the chorus so difficult to sing. Dedicating an entire verse to the question ever fallen in love, in love with someone, you shouldn't have fallen in love with? requires some impressive breath control. We can only imagine how many fans have stumbled over the words while trying to sing along at a live show.

2. Orgasm Addict: Let's just say; this track has raised some eyebrows over the years. The song's title was intentionally provocative, but the lyrics push the envelope even further. While the band claims the song was written to comment on society's obsession with sex, it's hard not to cringe at some of the lines. It's safe to say that this track may not have aged as well as some of their other hits.

3. Harmony in My Head: This song's opening riff is catchy and memorable, but the next line is a bit perplexing. I need some harmony, harmony in my head sounds like a plea for meditation or therapy. However, given the song's punk rock roots, we're pretty sure that's not what they were going for.

4. Why Can't I Touch it?: This track's title begs the question - touch what exactly? The lyrics make it clear they're talking about a lover, but the ambiguity of the title can lead to some raised eyebrows. Not every radio DJ feels comfortable saying that song name on air, that's for sure.

5. I Don't Mind: This track is a classic example of Buzzcocks' signature punk rock style. While the lyrics may not raise eyebrows like some of their other tracks, it's the song's delivery that leaves us questioning what they were thinking. Shelley's somewhat monotone vocal delivery on the song's chorus wouldn't be out of place on a spoken word poetry album. Still, it's hard to believe that this was the sound they were striving for.

While some of Buzzcocks' tracks may not have aged as well as others, we can all agree that they created a sound and style that's uniquely their own. We may poke fun at some of their more eyebrow-raising lyrics or delivery, but we must acknowledge the impact they had on punk rock and music as a whole. At the end of the day, it's vital to be able to laugh at ourselves, and when it comes to Buzzcocks, there's certainly plenty of material to work with.
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1 - Something's Gone Wrong Again
2 - Move On
3 - What Ever Happened To
4 - Lipstick
5 - Why Can't I Touch It
6 - Autonomy
7 - Just Lust
8 - Oh Shit
9 - Boredom
10 - Harmony In My Head
11 - Orgasm Addict
12 - What Do I Get?
13 - Promises
14 - Love You More
15 - Noise Annoys
16 - Fast Cars
17 - You Tear Me Up
18 - Ever Fallen In Love (with Someone You Shouldn't've)?
19 - I Don't Mind
20 - Ever Fallen In Love (with Someone You Shouldn't've?) - 1996 Remastered Version
21 - Everybody's Happy Nowadays
22 - Oh Shit!
23 - Something's Gone Wrong Again
24 - Why Can't I Touch It? - 2001 Remastered Version
25 - You Say You Don't Love Me
26 - Walking Distance
27 - No Reply
28 - Sixteen Again
29 - Get On Our Own
30 - Nostalgia
31 - Fiction Romance
32 - Love Battery
33 - Nothing Left
34 - Breakdown
35 - Sixteen
36 - Real World
37 - What Do I Get? - 2001 Remastered Version
38 - I Believe
39 - I Don't Know What To Do With My Life
40 - Love Is Lies
41 - Late For The Train
42 - I Need
43 - E.s.p.
44 - Are Everything
45 - Friends Of Mine
46 - Time's Up


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