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The Rise of Aitch: A Musical Biography

Hip-hop has been making waves around the world, producing artists that capture our heart and soul with their catchy beats and unique styles. Aitch, an up-and-coming British rapper, is someone you should have on your radar. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through Aitch's beginnings, his style, and his most famous albums and tracks.

Aitch, whose real name is Harrison Paul Armstrong, was born and raised in Manchester, England. He was the youngest of seven siblings and grew up in a council estate in the New Moston area. From a young age, he knew that he had a passion for music. With Manchester’s rich tradition in music, he was exposed to a plethora of genres, which eventually led him to discover his love for rap.

Aitch began performing in clubs and bars in Manchester, where he built up his reputation and started to gain a following. But it wasn't until his song Straight Rhymez went viral in 2018, that he gained widespread recognition. This breakout track received more than 15 million views on YouTube, and he quickly became the talk of the town.

Aitch’s work is a blend of grime, rap, and dubstep, with a touch of Manchester swagger. His music is said to be influenced by legends such as Jay-Z and Nas, as well as British artists like Kano and Dizzee Rascal. His unique style and lyricism sets him apart from his contemporaries and have earned him a loyal following.

Aitch has released two major projects to date – his debut EP titled On Your Marks and his debut album Polaris. The latter was released in 2020 and reached number one in the UK Album Chart. Polaris features hits like Rain and Mice, which are known for their high energy and catchy hooks. The album showcases Aitch’s growth as an artist, with challenging social issues being the substance of his musical discourse.

One of Aitch’s most famous songs is Taste (Make It Shake), which was released in 2019 and became an instant hit. The song has over 120 million views on YouTube and has been streamed over 200 million times on Spotify. It’s known for its bouncy beat, Aitch’s charismatic flow, and catchy chorus, which has led to numerous dance challenges on social media.

Another popular track that Aitch is known for is Buss Down. This track features ZieZie and is a perfect embodiment of his rap style. The song is a catchy dance floor anthem, with a bass-heavy beat that will make your heart race. Aitch's unique voice and powerful lyricism, combined with ZieZie's smooth flow, have made this one of the most popular hip hop songs in recent years.

Aitch has been able to reach a global audience with his unique, Manchester-flavored style. He represents the new wave of hip hop artists that are making their mark on the world stage. With two major releases under his belt, his future is looking very bright. From humble beginnings in Manchester to achieving chart-topping success, Aitch has carved out an impressive musical career. He continues to inspire new listeners and fellow musicians alike, showing the world that anything is possible with hard work, dedication, and a love for music.
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1 - Taste (make It Shake)
2 - Daily Duppy - Grm Daily
3 - Wait (prod. Whyjay)
4 - Trust Me
5 - Miss Me With It
6 - I'm Gone
7 - Already (feat. Tyreezy)
8 - Zombie
9 - 30
10 - Safe To Say
11 - Buss Down (feat. Ziezie)
12 - Rain
13 - Baby
14 - Sunshine
15 - Fuego
16 - My G (feat. Ed Sheeran)
17 - 1989
18 - Round 2
2020: Polaris
2019: Aitch2o