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Flamenco is a style of music whose roots lie in the gypsy caravans of India and that were developed in the Arab and Spanish Andalusia. A sound suitable for solos, dramatic vocals, Spanish guitar, wild dancing, clapping and castanets galore. Flamenco music is an ancient and expressive art form that originated in Andalusia, the Southern region of Spain. The traditional Flamenco style involves the blending of guitar rhythms, singing styles, hand claps, and subtle foot stomps for captivating beats. Over the years, Flamenco has been heavily improvised by various musical gypsies with great ease and excitement to provide an inexplicable feeling when listened to. Experiencing this type of music usually draws similarities between joy and sorrow amongst its listeners as within every song lies a hidden emotion. Many claim listening to Flamenco to be therapeutic due to its ability to bring solace after bouts of depression or heartbreak while bringing spirit and conviction during a night full of delight. So take out your Flamenco records played off vinyl and carry yourself away in melodic wonders! The native artistic expression of Andaluc’a, Spain. Cante, baile and toque, jaleo, palmas y pitos. The guitar and the singing determine the rhythm of flamenco dancers.