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Just before the sunrise

Before the orange light of a new day had even begun to peer through, a few steps away from the exit was something special. Inside, illuminated by flashing lights and glowing colors, was a captivated audience. Equal parts exhausted, sticky with sweat, and wholly in satisfaction, the musicians guided them onward throughout their journey of house musicÑ slow tempoed electronic records that touched on dark and prescient themes such as terrorism and hypocrisy. The atmosphere hummed with relentless rhythm and melody propelled narrative stories told through songs. Just a few steps away from the exit, a night of stroboscopic faces, tired, sticky and satisfied, the music drives us away with slow tempo electronic memories.
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Fila Brazillia - The Sheriff
2-The Xx - Fiction
3-Bang Gang - Sacred Things
4-Damon Albarn - Hollow Ponds
5-Bonobo - Sapphire