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Inside the magic 80s

Dark sounds, alternative liturgies, lateral directions, be different. Frustration for a society continually growing, persecuted by themselves, fleeing from the labels that drag you down. Motivated by notes of dissatisfaction and heartache, the 80s marked an era of powerful music steeped in emotional depth. Gliding on a renowned wave of synth and soft distortion, classic tunes prompted listeners to reflect on life's inevitable journey or victorious moments at every turn. Whether it was new wave or classic power ballads, many enraptured by its organic energy found melody out of sorrowful insight as they quietly explored their anguish through the comfort of timeless music from that infamous decade. Heartbroken lyrics and anthemic choruses provided escape from societal suffering and unrest as beats lulled you into a carefree despair. With rhythm pulsing passionately in the backdrop, surfers of this sonic tide uncover hidden magical moments hinting at catharsis and reprieve giving life to the power that nascends withinÑthe magic music of 80s.
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Pulp - Common People
2-Red Zebra - I Can't Live In A Living Room
3-Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus
4-New Order - True Faith
5-Joy Division - Disorder