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Acid Jazz music

Discover the fantastic and innovative sounds of Acid Jazz Music. With a varied range of styles, some of the best acid jazz artists include Jamiroquai, Us3 and Brand New Heavies. Part dancefloor driven beats and part hip hop grooves, this genre delicately straddles between cool jazz and electronic funk. Hear some of the other renowned names such as Guru, Lonnie Liston Smith or Roy Ayers Ubiquity who have performed classic hits throughout their career, creating the world Ôacid jazzÕ popularised in the 1990s. Dance to these hard hitting beats reverberating from London clubs evermore; enhanced by synths which echo all night long. Let yourself be taken back in time to an era where creative musical forms appealed to listening ears everywhere as ACID revolution was exploding around radod and concert podiums for all music fans! A selection of the best acid jazz artists.
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-St. Germain - Sentimental Mood
2-St. Germain - Forget it
3-St. Germain - Walk So Lonely
4-James Taylor Quartet - Europa
5-James Taylor Quartet - Love The Life