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Artist: Empire Of The Sun Album: Walking on a Dream

Year: 2008
Duration: 43:46

Walking on a Dream: A Critical Review of Empire Of The Sun's Album

Empire of the Sun is an Australian music duo, composed of Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore, who emerged with a unique sound back in 2008 with their debut album, Walking on a Dream. This album has been critically acclaimed and loved by many throughout the years, being considered a masterpiece of electronic music. But is it as good as they say? In this blog, we will dive into a critical review of the album and explore the history of the artists, the music genre, the best songs, the most innovative parts, and the criticisms behind the masterpiece.

The music genre of Walking on a Dream is a mixture of electronic, dance, and new wave, which brings a completely unique and innovative sound. The album combines a variety of instruments such as synthesizers, acoustic guitars, and drum machines into a swirling soundscape of what can be called as neo-psychedelia. This genre of music is all about experimenting with sounds, vocals, and lyrics, blurring the lines between electronic and rock and creating a one-of-a-kind listening experience.

The album consists of ten tracks, and while each song has its own charm, the three most remarkable ones are the title track, Walking on a Dream, We Are the People, and Standing on the Shore. These songs are catchy, memorable, and perfectly fit the album's aesthetic. The choruses are undeniably anthemic and catchy, while the verses are soothing and introspective. No wonder they became chart-toppers and still remain fan-favorites to this day.

The production and fusion of different sounds and elements make Walking on a Dream a mighty album, and it's no surprise that it has won several awards and accolades. Steele and Littlemore did an excellent job of making sure every aspect of the album was perfect, from the instrumentation to the lyrics. They were able to bring a new-sound, soulful, and uplifting music that could surely transform the listener's mood.

While the album seems excellent from start to finish, some critics argue that it becomes repetitive and stagnant at some points, failing to offer new alternatives in contrast with what it aims to accomplish. Lines like I can see the world is slipping through your hands sometimes not only seem cliche, but also emphasize the absence of coherence or risk-taking in the album. The criticisms seem to hold some ground, but they do not significantly detract from the overall impact of the work.

In its totality, Walking on a Dream is a remarkable album that defined the genre. It's an album you can listen to anytime and anywhere; its brilliance transcends time. With its combination of electronic and rock sound, the album has managed to capture a broad audience and become a household name. The album showcased Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore's unique ideas and vision, giving us a musical experience that could only come from the hands of true visionaries. Walk On a Dream is a must-listen and, in my opinion, the album of the decade.