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REO Speedwagon

REO Speedwagon (originally styled as R.E.O. Speedwagon) is an American rock band. Formed in 1967, the band cultivated a following during the 1970s and achieved significant commercial success throughout the 1980s. REO Speedwagon is one of the best classic rock bands of all time. Composed of five members, they achieved tremendous international success with hits like Keep On Loving You and Can't Fight This Feeling. Listening to their amazing rock music is sure to bring a spark in any situation. They also have some amazing underrated tracks, such as Take It On The Run and That Ain't Love, that should be given special attention as well! If you're looking for an adrenaline rush or just want to chill out, listening to REO Speedwagon promises hours of sublime musical entertainment.


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The Enduring Appeal of REO Speedwagon: More than Just Power Ballads

It's impossible to talk about REO Speedwagon and not bring up the famous power ballads that dominated the radio airwaves in the '80s. But many listeners may be surprised to hear that beyond those tear-jerking hits, there is much more to their catalogue than meets the eye. From wistful rockers with catchy hooks and memorable singalong choruses to ambitious concept albums exploring thought-provoking social ideas, REO Speedwagon has been delivering quality music for five decades and counting. In this post, we'll take a deep dive into some of their best moments as we examine both what critics have said along with celebrating its enduring popularity amongst fans!

When you think of REO Speedwagon, it's hard not to think of the power ballads that made them famous in the '80s. From Keep On Loving You to Can't Fight This Feeling, their signature sound dominated the radio airwaves and provided the soundtrack for many a heart-wrenching breakup. But to limit these rockers to just their power ballads is to do them a disservice. In this post, we'll explore the depth and breadth of their discography, highlighting some of their best work beyond the hits that made them famous.

Let's start by examining their classic album, Hi Infidelity, which includes some of their most iconic power ballads but also delivers much more. With soaring guitar riffs and catchy hooks, songs like Don't Let Him Go and In Your Letter are every bit as catchy and memorable as their bigger hits. But beyond these songs, the album also features a range of tracks exploring different emotions and sounds. The contemplative Someone Tonight showcases lead singer Kevin Cronin's vocal range, while Take It on the Run provides a more cynical view of love.

Another standout moment in their discography is Wheels are Turnin', a concept album exploring social issues and political concerns. From the environmentalism of I Do' Wanna Know to the anti-war message of Thru The Window, the album demonstrates a socially conscious side to REO Speedwagon that is often overlooked. This album may not have provided the same chart-topping hits as Hi Infidelity, but it showcased their willingness to take risks and tackle important issues through their music.

Moving beyond their studio albums, REO Speedwagon's live performances have consistently delighted audiences for decades. In particular, their 2001 performance at the Moondance Jam Festival showcases the band's exceptional musicianship and ability to bring the audience along for the ride. From a blistering take on Ridin' the Storm Out to a poignant rendition of Golden Country, the concert showcases their range and ability to keep fans engaged across a full set.

Lastly, it's worth noting the continued impact that REO Speedwagon has had on the music industry. From inspiring countless bands with their sound to providing the basis for numerous covers and sampling in rap and hip hop tracks, their influence can still be heard across a range of genres. The fact that their music continues to be celebrated and enjoyed by new generations of fans speaks to the timeless quality of their work.

In conclusion, while REO Speedwagon will undoubtedly be remembered for their power ballads, it's important to acknowledge the depth and diversity of their catalogue. From driving rock tracks to socially conscious concept albums, their music continues to resonate with fans today. Whether you're a longtime devotee or are just discovering their music for the first time, we hope this blog has helped you appreciate the rich legacy of REO Speedwagon.
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1 - Take It On The Run
2 - Keep On Loving You
3 - Can't Fight This Feeling
4 - Roll with the Changes
5 - Time for Me to Fly
6 - Back on the Road Again
7 - Keep Pushin'
8 - In My Dreams
9 - One Lonely Night
10 - Here with Me
11 - In Your Letter
12 - Tough Guys
13 - Don't Let Him Go
14 - I Don't Want to Lose You
15 - That Ain't Love
16 - Keep On Loving You - Remastered
17 - Don't Let Him Go
18 - Keep Pushin'
19 - Ridin' The Storm Out
20 - I Don't Want To Lose You
21 - Keep The Fire Burnin'
22 - Golden Country
23 - Follow My Heart
24 - Someone Tonight
25 - I Wish You Were There
26 - Out Of Season
27 - Shakin' It Loose
28 - Live Every Moment
29 - Say You Love Me Or Say Goodnight
30 - Music Man
31 - Son Of A Poor Man
32 - Only The Strong Survive
33 - Like You Do
34 - Time For Me To Fly - As Heard In The Netflix Series Ozark
35 - (i Believe) Our Time Is Gonna Come
36 - Lightning
37 - 157 Riverside Avenue
38 - Sophisticated Lady
39 - The Key
40 - Flying Turkey Trot
41 - Blazin' Your Own Trail Again
42 - Keep On Loving You - 2011 Remaster
43 - Love Is A Rock
44 - Lost In A Dream
45 - Variety Tonight
46 - Sweet Time
47 - Runnin' Blind
48 - Gotta Feel More
49 - Reo
50 - Find Your Own Way Home


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