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Artist: Bo Diddley Album: The London Bo Diddley Sessions

Year: 1973
Duration: 35:51

The London Bo Diddley Sessions: A Critic Review

Bo Diddley is one of the most influential musicians in the history of rock and roll. Known for his signature beat and iconic sound, Bo Diddley has left an indelible mark on the music scene. His album, The London Bo Diddley Sessions, was released in 1973, and it features his classic blues and rock sound mixed with a bit of funk and soul. In this blog post, we will take a critical review of the album, with a brief history of the artist, the music genre of the album, the best songs of the album, the most innovative parts, and our critic of the album.

Bo Diddley was born on December 30, 1928, in Mississippi. He began his music career in the mid-1950s and quickly rose to fame with his signature sound, which came from his use of the rectangular guitar. The London Bo Diddley Sessions album is one of the milestones of his career. The sound of the album is a mix of blues, rock, and funk, and it features some of Bo's best work. The album was recorded in London by an all-star lineup, including Ron Wood, Ian Stewart, and Kenny Jones.

The tracks on The London Bo Diddley Sessions are a mix of original music and covers of classic blues songs. The standout tracks are Bring It To Jerome, Who Do You Love, and I'm A Man. These songs showcase Bo Diddley's signature sound which is the perfect blend of rock, blues, and funk. Bring It To Jerome is a classic blues track that highlights Bo Diddley's vocal range and his exceptional guitar playing. Who Do You Love is a rock anthem, and it is one of Bo's most recognized songs. The track I'm A Man is a mesmerizing mix of rock music and blues.

The most innovative parts of the album are Bo Diddley's guitar playing and his rhythmic beat. Bo Diddley's rectangular guitar gives his music a unique sound that no other musician has ever been able to replicate. His rhythmic beat is infectious, and it has been copied by countless musicians over the years. The London Bo Diddley Sessions album showcases both of these elements beautifully.

Our critical review of The London Bo Diddley Sessions album is that it is a must-have for any fan of blues and rock music. Bo Diddley's signature sound is iconic, and this album is one of his best works. The album is diverse, with a mix of blues, rock, and funk, and the all-star lineup of musicians who worked on the album provides a unique and refreshing sound. The only downside to the album is that some tracks sound a bit repetitive, and they lack the originality of the standout tracks.

The London Bo Diddley Sessions album is a classic, and it is a milestone in the career of Bo Diddley. The album perfectly showcases his signature sound, and it features some of his best work. The album is a must-have for any fan of blues and rock music, and it is a testament to the iconic status of Bo Diddley. While some tracks lack originality, the standout tracks are exceptional and will make you a fan of Bo Diddley's music. Overall, it is an album that we highly recommend to anyone who loves blues and rock music.