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Artist: Black Uhuru Album: Positive Dub

Year: 1987
Duration: 49:42

Positive Dub: A classic album by Black Uhuru

Are you a fan of reggae music? If so, then you must have heard of Black Uhuru, one of the pioneers of the genre. Today, we'll be taking a critical look at one of their classic albums, Positive Dub. This album is a great representation of the band's iconic sound. We'll be discussing the history of Black Uhuru, the music genre of the album, the standout tracks, the most innovative parts, and our of the album.
Black Uhuru was formed in 1972 in Jamaica. The band members include Michael Rose, Duckie Simpson, and Errol Nelson. They are known for their unique sound, which combined traditional reggae rhythms with electronic music. The band achieved great success in the 80s, winning their first Grammy award in 1985 for their album, Anthem. Positive Dub is an album that was released in 1982. It consists of dub versions of some of their best-known tracks. Dub music is characterized by the use of reverb, echo, and other effects to create an atmospheric, spacious sound.
One of the standout tracks on the album is Youth of Eglington. This song has a powerful message about the struggles of young people in Jamaica. The use of dub effects adds to the song's haunting and atmospheric sound. Another track that deserves special mention is Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. This song is an electrifying take on the classic reggae song by the same name. The dub effects used in this song create a mesmerizing soundscape that adds to the song's infectious energy.
The most innovative part of the album is undoubtedly the use of dub effects. These effects are used tastefully and add a lot to the songs. The use of reverb creates a spacious sound that complements the music perfectly. The drums, bass, and guitar sound crisp and clear, while the vocals are given a dreamy quality. This creates a unique listening experience that is both relaxing and energizing at the same time.
Our of the album is overwhelmingly positive. The band's unique sound is complemented perfectly by the use of dub effects. The songs are well-written and expertly performed. The album as a whole has a cohesive sound that will keep you engaged from start to finish. However, some listeners may find the use of dub effects to be excessive at times. This is a matter of personal preference, and we still recommend the album to anyone who loves reggae music.
In conclusion, Positive Dub is a classic album by Black Uhuru. The band's unique sound is perfectly complemented by the use of dub effects. The standout tracks, Youth of Eglington and Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, are a testament to the band's musical prowess. The most innovative part of the album is the use of dub effects, which creates a mesmerizing soundscape that is both relaxing and energizing. Overall, we highly recommend this album to anyone who loves reggae music.