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Artist: Burning Spear Album: Mistress Music

Year: 2000
Duration: 0:0-1

A Critical Review of Burning Spear's Mistress Music Album

Burning Spear, born Winston Rodney, is a Jamaican reggae singer and musician hailing from Saint Ann's Bay, Jamaica. Burning Spear is widely recognized as one of the most influential reggae artists of all time, and his music has inspired countless artists within the genre. His music has been known to speak to the heart of social justice, African heritage, and love. In this post, we will be taking a deep dive into his album, Mistress Music, analyzing its genre, standout tracks, and innovative parts.

Mistress Music is a reggae album released by Burning Spear in 1990, which follows the traditional Rastafarian reggae style. The album captures the essence of the then Rastafarian movement with songs like Slavery Days, Mistress Music, and Black Soul. The album was produced by Burning Spear in collaboration with Barry O'Hare, the then-sound engineer of Tuff Gong International Studio, and it features ten powerful tracks.

The standout tracks of Mistress Music include Slavery Days, Mistress Music, and Don't Mess with Jill. Slavery Days is a song that speaks to the history of the brutal transatlantic slave trade. Mistress Music highlights the importance of music in our lives, and Don't Mess with Jill is a passionate love song from a woman's perspective. Each of the tracks offers a powerful message that speaks to humanity's daily struggles.

One of the most innovative parts of Burning Spear's Mistress Music is the combination of different musical styles. He blends the roots reggae style with a jazz influenced saxophone on Thank You, and Brain Food. We can also hear influences from other genres, including funk, soul, and even gospel, on Love For You, Little Garvey, and Black Soul. This fusion of different musical styles makes the album unique and engaging.

While Mistress Music is an excellent album, there are a couple of tracks that feel a little underwhelming. People of the World and Greetings are not as strong as the rest of the tracks, and they seem out of place in this album. They could have been replaced with stronger tracks that would have added to the overall experience of the album.

In conclusion, Mistress Music by Burning Spear is an excellent album that showcases the roots of reggae music. The album's standout tracks include Slavery Days, Mistress Music, and Don't Mess with Jill. The album's musical innovation comes from the blending of different genres, making it unique and interesting. Although there are a couple of underwhelming tracks, this album remains a must-listen for any lover of reggae music. Its powerful messages and unique sound make it a classic in reggae music history.