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Artist: Animal Collective Album: Feels

Year: 2005
Duration: 52:10

A of Feels by Animal Collective: A Masterpiece of Innovation

Animal Collective, the American experimental music band, released their seventh studio album, Feels, in 2005, to both critical and commercial success. Feels has established a fanbase and a prominent spot in the experimental indie rock genre. In this article, we'll take a closer look at Animal Collective, uncover the music genre of Feels, the best songs, and the most innovative parts of the album. We'll also explore why Feels is considered one of the best albums of all time.
The music of Animal Collective can be hard to put into words. The members Alex Mobb, Josh Dibb, Noah Lennox, and Brian Weitz have created an original and eclectic genre that's always experimental and avant-garde. They blend psychedelic, folk, and electronic with pop sensibilities. However, they are for neither for the faint of heart nor a conservative palate.
Feels is an album that feels like traveling through a psychedelic hall of mirrors. It has a raw energy that thrives on the unexpected, switching between dissonant and consonant, melodic and chaotic, and gentle and rough sounds. The music is never simple, and it requires the active participation of the listener to enjoy its beauty.
The album opens with Did You See the Words, a song that features a perfect blend of electronic and acoustic sounds. The tune is both catchy and absorbing, igniting a sense of intrigue from the outset. Grass and The Purple Bottle showcase more of Animal Collective’s experimental side, incorporating a hybrid of genres, and are able to create something truly unique.
What makes Feels stand out even more are the risks and innovation the band takes on the album. The tracks like Banshee Beat and Daffy Duck have complex layers of textures created from naturals sounds, acoustic and electronic instruments. These textures create a distinctive world that wraps around the listener and invites them in for an unearthly trip.
Nevertheless, feels may require some patience to digest; it's neither an album for background noise nor something that can be heard passively. The album's unstructured soundscape challenges the notion of what mainstream music should sound like. It's experimental in nature and boldly declares its independence from convention.
Feels propels Animal Collective from the realms of alternative and experimental music and sets them as a base to create their own unique and iconic style. Animal Collective designs their soundscapes with never-been-heard arrangements that still make a coherent melody. Innovative, adventurous, and always creatively daring, Animal Collective’s Feels is a masterpiece of innovation which is why it remains one of the most significant albums of our time. It’s an album that continues to be inimitable and impossible to replicate.